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A few requests I'd love to see implemented in the future! :)

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It would be really nice if we could name storage compactors so that the name is displayed when hovered above it (instead of the default Storage Compactor) without clicking on it and looking inside.

And another thing is, I'd love the option to expand the windows with duplicant vitals or consumables for easy overview. They also get glitchy for me and always try to go to the beginning making the further sections difficult to see (horizontally, vertically they work fine).

EDIT: a streamer I was watching had a neat suggestion too - pressure overlay.

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Another thing I'd love to see would be visible materials, especially on floors and walls. If say, something is made of abyssalite, it would be awesome if the tile reflected that (probably on the inside with a distinct brighter edge so it cannot ever be confused with undug material) :D


Then 1 tile door for vertical climbing/opening some small parts for animals if someone wanted to, but mostly vertical climbing.


And since fellows around here say you cannot have duplicants smile, how about making a smiling/content expression for when:

- duplicant's stress is below 10%

- they are assigned to a career they like doing (interests based)

- they are healthy (both vs microbes and ruptured eardrums for instance)

- they have no negative effects going (no grimy, soggy feet, diarrhea, low oxygen, hot/cold, holding breath etc)


It would be pretty fun to try and make a base that keeps them happy :) They already have negative lasting expressions so it would make sense. I mean they are so happy when they get a job, they should have a chance to be happy later on too! :D

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