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The gorge may kill person. it should have time limit

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watermelen671    19416
On 7/5/2018 at 1:05 PM, EuedeAdodooedoe said:

@AQUA76 seems like all the update did was drop down the score you get from long runs by x10. Sad days. And apparently I was wrong; you do still get score from getting achievements, but not as much as the first time it is unlocked. Nowhere near as much. But it's still better to just do quick runs, especially now, since you can get like 2000 points with every 7 dish run you do in 10 mins as opposed to x3 the points but in 6h.

So, if you keep making those 6h runs, good for you, no need to complain about it if you're choosing to go this far. Highscore just didn't need to exist for this event lol.

Where are you going with this? The whole purpose of this topic was to point out that the (previous) leaderboard system was rewarding dangerous behaviour, and kindly request that Klei make changes so that it's no longer detrimental to players' overall health.

And you somehow managed to turn this around into a player-bashing latest?cb=20180221185858show, because "only absolute morons would go out of their way to kill themselves to get a trophy".



How do you always manage to make a productive conversation into one that's bashing:

  • the players
  • Klei
  • human behavior
  • skins
  • achievements

I'm genuinely curious! You could probably make something completely innocuous and innocent and make it look like it was done by Hitler! Your ability to be absolutely cynical at any given time, and to turn a productive conversation into one filled with bashing at everything  completely unrelated to the topic at hand never fails to surprise me.



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