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Group only server not allowing connection from group members

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I have some group only servers but since the Gorge update no group members can connect to them.  The server is linked to the correct group and all members are in the correct group.  Everyone could connect without a problem previously with one world being at day 1000+ with many players at 700+ days. The servers all worked fine until the recent Gorge update. 

The log reads:



[00:03:51]: [Steam] Could not authenticate '76561198157353169' (SteamGameServer_Init failed)

[00:03:51]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_SERVER_IS_CLAN_ONLY

[00:03:51]: [Shard] Received a ID_SHD_D2M_PLAYER_DISCONNECTED message for an unknown player



I am the server owner but can connect without any problems.

I can only guess that the Gorge update has done something. Can you help please?

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2 hours ago, seyfitoplar said:

@ImDaMisterL Sorry because i keep calling you when we need help. No idea who to call. :wilson_angelic: Can we have some little help here? :wilson_confused:

Sorry, I can't help with that. Zillvr has much more server knowledge than me, so either he or a Klei dev should take a look at this.

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