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Hey, I'm sure you're all enjoying the Gorge as much as I am!

It's not anything super important, but I'd just like to bring up the way skins were transferred into the beta. It seems that only skins that you've purchase via Steam were accessible during the beta. Anything purchased from the Klei shop would not be transferred.

Steam categorizes the transactions differently. Bundles bought from the Steam store page are considered paid dlc, whatever skins you bought the Klei store are considered in-game transactions (if you check your Steam purchase history). Maybe Klei could find a way so that skins bought from the Klei store count as dlc for the sake of Steam?

In these images, I bought the Beating Heart Chest from the Klei store, and the Verdant Spring Chest from the Steam store page. Guess which skins I couldn't use in the beta?





This isn't a big deal for the Gorge since it's only in beta, but if Klei were to release a longer beta like A New Reign, then players wouldn't be able to access any of the skins they purchased from the Klei store for a much longer period of time.


Also some quick questions that hopefully a dev can answer~

1. I'm not exactly sure how Valve handles dlc, but I know they do take a portion of retail sales. Does it actually matter if you purchase skins from the Steam store page vs from the Klei shop? (i.e. if I want to give the most money to Klei, should I be purchasing from the in-game Klei store?)

2.  Is there a way to display the skins I've bought somewhere on my Steam profile if I purchased them from the Klei store? (Currently, Steam displays bundles as dlc in your library. It just annoys me that only my Verdant Spring Chest displays, and not Forge, Winter's Feast, or the Beating Heart Chest. This isn't a big deal, but I'd just like to have my purchase history look accurate.)

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  • Developer

Your gaining of the DLC is due to the way implement entitlements on your account, and how we run the beta. The Forge and Gorge betas were run entirely on separate instances of the inventory system. This is so we can test out new skins and functionality without affecting the default branch players. So the items you own on the default branch(production database) aren't known by the beta server. The DLC you purchased is though, because your entitlement for those items is tied to your Steam account. So the first time you log in to the beta branch, all your DLC entitlements are processed again.

With regards to your question about which gives more money to Klei. I believe they are the same. If you want to see your whole payment history, I believe you can do that within your Steam account details. Settings > View Account Details > View Purchase History.

There isn't currently a way to display proof of purchase for in-game purchase transactions, but I appreciate the feedback that you'd like that option/feature.

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