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Custom Challenge editor: Some ideas for what they could be

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Oxygen Not Included is a game where a small change can change your entire style of gameplay. Makes you use machines differently, and how you design the base. It's great. What goes up and what goes down. This feature could come when the game is near completion. In my opinion.

Thats why a challenge editor where you can change the games physics before you make a world to change things up in funny ways would be something to vastly improve the games replayability. And challenge peoples adaptability to the world.

You can add 'Tags' for what works differently, and what matter it is. It can range from things like:

X is no longer a Filtration Medium/X is a filtration medium

X in gas form is the heaviest/lightest gas

X has X thermal capacity/conductivity

X has X decor (Maybe hatches are ugly now, and debris is pretty?)

X matter has different melting/evaporation points.

X will turn into X gas/liquid overtime (Like oxylite)

Lavatories create X when a duplicant uses them

Things like that, small but noticable. For instance, you could do that Oxygen is the heaviest gas in the game, rather than Carbon Dioxide. So you have to design your base so everyone lives in the bottom, and the carbon dioxide is picked up from another spot above. Maybe something as silly as Phosphorite is the only filtration medium and sand is not. So you have to make phosphorite to refine water and such alike. Or maybe Water turns into steam at rooms temperature? Perhaps that duplicants will literally create magma when having a toilet visit? I shouldn't go too far in detail about this, maybe some things are hardcoded but, only the devs know.

But you can also change Duplicant survival needs and behavior. For example:

Duplicants breathe X gas and exhale X gas instead

Duplicants food expectations/Decor expectations

Duplicants all have forced traits/skills

Now, with these you can also change to what duplicant survival needs are and therefore make different machines to supply them. Maybe you do that Duplicants needs to breathe Hydrogen instead? Making it even more important to manage its temperature so they won't get too cold or too hot due to hydrogens thermal properties. Maybe duplicants exhale out rock gas? I dunno. With forced traits you can do things like that everyone are Stress vomiters or destructive, maybe they all have some trait such as Flatuent. 

Balanced or not, this allows people to expand their creativity to the limit and see how well they live in an universe where the physics are all over the place, they have to abuse different machines for different vital resources. 

Thoughts and ideas to what could be added to this?

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