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Add machine limitation to ingame description

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I'm sure someone already suggest this, but I don't see any update about this.

Some machinery have limitation that not listed in ingame description, and it is have huge impact on gaming experience. There is few example:

  1. Max temperature for tepidizer
  2. Max temperature for space heater
  3. Max pressure for electrolyzer
  4. Max pressure for deoxydizer

New player without any prior knowledge of this game will build electrolyzer just about anywhere in their base, and see what happen. It will max pressure at very low pressure, much worse than deoxydizer. Game didn't give us info how much pressure needed to run (not even on error tooltip), leading into long series of trial and error. Very steep learning curve, which can easily avoided with simple addition to machine description. Of course they can just googling for certain builds if they don't mind spoiler of their game, but not all player like spoiler.

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1 & 2 is 80c, 3 and 4 is 1800g but they can be blocked by a single pocket having that high value.  Yes there is a massive amount of trial and error to the game. Yeah, but how many players know to google for SPOm or mechanical filters or even ask what Lox is?

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Err, what Lox? xD

Tepidizer is my personal nightmare, I promised to myself that I won't build tepidizer again unless that limit changes. In early-mid base, need water badly. Using limited resources hoping to boil some PW, including usage of hamster generator. After some cycles being hamster... oh yeah it is nightmare.

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It would be nice to have such info, at least in database(most of the time database either duplicates all the same stuff that player already can see in game by selecting this particular object or actually even less). If gas vents have it, why not everything else as well, if it is a critical value for that station function ?

In Russian "лох" means "idiot/simpleton". :)

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Liquid Oxygen.  I agree @abud that is why I designed my heat machine for recycling water.

It does not kill the germs but makes cold water.  So far its been very reliable for providing a constant supply and climate control. 
There is enough coal in the starting biome to last a simple base well past cycle 100 by which time you should be harvesting coal from the surrounding biomes.  I happen to clear my entire starting biome from the top down and so I end up with a massive hatch floor at the bottom and usually stray dropped items convert to coal.... or entire compactors.   Wild hatches have to be in a large herd to make any decent amount of coal though :p
After extensive trial and error I can say unequivocally that the game does indeed need the database expanded.

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