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  1. I so need BuildingModofier, simply for ability to rotate and build Storage Bins anywhere. How can i change it manually in Assembly-CSharp.dll ? What values, where and how ?
  2. Another request. Mod that adds minor healing ability to cots and comfy beds. 24hp/cycle for cot and 48hp/cycle for comfy beds. It always confused me why sleeping dont restore some small amount of health. I understand that Triage Cot restores 50hp/cycle, but dupes spend in bed just 3 hours by default. So it would be 3 or 6 health per one night.
  3. Would it be possible to make a mod that would allow transit tubes to be run under ladders and fire poles or at least allow transit tube crossing to do so(first option would be preferable) ? Current limitations make transit system completely unusable to me, as i build in grids, with ladders and fire poles everywhere for better logistics. In addition to that, would it be possible to make teleporters, similar to liquid/gas gates ? Take Transit Tube Access as base, make it to require 3-4 kW for charging. And instantly teleport dupe from one teleport pad to another.
  4. Wire Bridge ONLY overload damage

    I have similar problem with wire bridge getting damage for no good reason. At one location it runs at ~33 degrees and about 360-480W and on second its ~34 degrees and runs nowhere(its a placeholder for further development with nothing attached to it after transformer but some cables and that bridge). Only common factor about both bridges is that they run over heavy-watt wire at those points. But there are dozens of those, some running at even higher load and doing ok. Considering that my network sits at the base of my base, if heavy-watt wires somehow damage bridges, then they(bridges) lose pretty much all of usefulness for me. With no way to configure transformers, where is in and out or even turn it, its becoming so much hassle for no good reason. Since output for transformers is on the bottom, i have to get regular wires over heavy-watts somehow. So, problem is either heavy-watt wires that run under them or they get damage by overload that even runs on a different network, but is in vicinity. Also, why is there is no tiles specifically for heavy-watt wires to run thru ? Maybe cant place those next to each other, just to get it thru wall, instead of building whole walls of them, or make them more expensive than regular tiles with even lower durability(as they are hollowed out almost completely to accommodate wires).