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Welp... That happened (problem)

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So for the past few months i wasn't able to have my own server. Everytime I created one I was able to play but once i left the server I couldn't join again. There was always a "Day 1" instead of something like "Day5 Early Autumn"
For some reason now I can't even CREATE a server. This is what showed up:



When I tried to join a public server this also showed up. It appears that I can't create/join servers that have caves because I was able to create a server without caves

When I opened server_save with notepad there actually wasn't anything. Anyone knows how to fix this?

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Maybe it lacks write permission.

  • move the folder(s) and relaunch to see if it recreates it properly
  • check OS for updates
  • temporarily disable programs that might interfere with making save files to see if it needs to be whitelisted
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