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I like the new update, bring new feature to the game. I skipped the Rancher Upgrade Mark 2 can someone help me what are feature ("exploits") that is still useful. I believe drip cooling is already solved so borg cube is not an option anymore. 

Is the max gas pressure still working on the newest update?

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Can confirm, Borg Cube aka Drip Cooling has been resolved, and no longer occurs.  No more self cooling Aquatuners.

Not shre what you mean by "max gas pressure".

Something that, as yet, is undocumented in the Cosmic Upgrade patch notes is the change to NatGas Gens.  They now require 90 g/s to run, and only produce...  22 g/s(?) of CO2.  However, the NatGas output of the FertSynth has also been increased to 30 g/s, preserving the 3:1 ratio between FertSynths and NatGas Gens.  But the dramatic reduction of CO2 seems to be the bigger point of contention, as there is no longer a reliable food source for Slicksters in relevant quantities.  It also makes it much harder to make a recycling loop through the Carbon Skimmer (making more P-H2O for more FertSynths), if reducing the infrastructure required to get a NatGas Plant up and running (much less CO2 to deal with).  The whole NatGas system is now even wonkier than it was before.

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