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Plant that requires Sunlight to grow (And Shinebug light-value tweaks)

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Fairly simple suggestion to further utilize the new revamped light system, that is measured in Lux

Now that light is no longer a flat 'Yes or No', there can be more critters and plants that interact with it. Currently Duplicants enjoy lots of light and there's solar panels, but other than that, there is little. For now, atleast

There should be a new plant that can be a buried potato-like thing, but with a large flower on top of it, it will require an atmosphere though so you will need a greenhouse for it filled with gas. It can be something as simple as Oxygen or Carbon dioxide. The details to what it requires isn't my job though.

Or, Muckroot should be made cultivatable, for a plentiful but foul tasting food. Requires sunlight, a rather low amount of water but will produce it in large amounts. However.  It'd also be nice to have a high-quality food sunlight plant too as I suggested. The catch is that it will require lots of Lux to grow.

But considering that Sunlight is off a little time of the day, you can synthesize your own 'sunlight' with lots of lamps or Shinebugs to get a little boost in productivity. However, Shinebugs all have the same light values, and they all require a lot of space to live. So powering anything with them is largely unviable. Thats why the Lux-value/Range should be revamped for all the Shinies:

 Crystal being the best of course, Warm being a bit better or all-round, Placid maybe has short range but high Lux concentration, while the Royal and Vital just has long reach but slightly less Lux power. And Nega is self-explanatory.

That's all, I was wanting light to be revamped in a more meaningful way, and now when it is, the game should interract with that system more, maybe htere's a critter that needs light to live? Magnesium reaction to generate flashes? It's all up to the devs.


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I mean bristle berry farms for the light. But yes it would be nice to have another plant for it. A plant that grows faster with more light.
And can have min and max output from the sun or whatever star is lighting the asteroid since I assume it rotates. Some days you can have none or very little light and some days you can have enough to grow the crop in 1 cycle.


Grows in hydrogen and needs 30kg of water each cycle.

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