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Mesh and Airflow Tile

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3 hours ago, SackMaggie said:

I think it should REDUCE not block.

Considering the gas mechanic (only one gas for each tile) I always build some parts of my floors using mesh tiles.

Before this update the choices were:

a) (+ runspeed) and (+decor) using (normal/metal) tiles

b)(+gas exchange) and (+ adding decor of adjacent rooms) using (airflow/mesh) tiles


It was not the best system, cause I could rach a higher decor value using some gold amalgam mesh tiles instead of gold(/metal) tiles.


But now airfow and mesh tiles have 3 downsides:

1.no added running speed

2.negative decor

3.no light transmission

(PS. If it was intended to make this tiles strictly worse, I hope they change the pneumatic doors the same way)

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