Wolly & Pig King?

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Hello i've searched the net and googled to much extreme but I can't find a definitive answer. I'm looking to merge my shipwrecked with the perfect RoG world. i'm on day 250 of my shipwrecked and I've got pretty much everything and i've mined all the obsidian. However i've started 3 RoG worlds to map out and check that the world has everything I would need when I merge and jump over. I've found wolly in all 3 worlds but no Pig King. 

Can I confirm does "Wolly" replace the "Pig King"? So I wont find both in a world. Kind of a bummer as it means wolly is a once per day use unlike pig king we could feed meat to all day. If I make it non shipwrecked so pig king is there I can't merge them. 

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You should definitely have both. Sometimes world gen bugs out a little though, and can't find room on the map for everything that's supposed to be there. In my most recent 2 games, I had Pig King but no Glommer statue. I've had worlds show up with zero walrus camps as well.


You can use the console to spawn in the Pig King, once you find the pig village where he'd normally be. Here's the command, and pig king will appear wherever your mouse pointer is. You may have to close the game and restart to interact properly with him (I had to do that with my Glommer statues):




If you want to check a new RoG world before doing all the exploration, enter this in the console and it should give you text that the "entity count" is 1:



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