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  1. And the worst part probably it will stay like this.
  2. Exactly this. I used to play it way more, but when it started crashing and buging out it become not the same experience it used to be
  3. I would not mind little bugs here and there, but gamebreaking bugs leads you on tinkering or reloading game more than playing is just sad to see in one of my favorite games. As well comunication is non existent in regards of those bugs. Little bugs are aknowledged but these major ones are kept in game @SpoonyBardIV I noticed that you sent message to JoeW regarding bugs. Did you got any response? It seems well writen and you not asking for something ridiculous so I wonder if you got any response
  4. And how about seasons change bug? As well Ruins crash upon entering? These are present since launch
  5. I have exactly same issue on my Switch. At first it was shop music on loop now I hear some grinding gears sound. I think it is coming from aporkalypse clock. Manure sound glitch is old and pressent since Nintendo Switch release back in 2018. As well there were endless loop of dawn chime in shipwrecked (ver 1.04) can someone confirm if it is still there unpatched?
  6. quote from wiki: " It is possible to get stuck inside the Queen's throne if the player walks towards it as she dies. However, it is possible to get out if the throne is mined away. "
  7. Which makes it even worse because PC version is directly developed by them not a porting team. This just hurts Don’t Starve brand as whole. It just become such a mess since Shipwrecked and a lot of people feel ignored. No matter how many times issues are reported there is no traction Just to confirm @SpoonyBardIV which issues are present in PC version? I mainly play on consoles and I thought that PC version is better in comparison to ported versions
  8. Please everyone leave all bugs you encounter in comments down bellow to bring them to attention(mention platform, update version plus how to replicate issue) Audio bugs plus ruins crash in caves are present in game since 2018 and do not even mention seasons bug they did not manage to fix for ages. We had many bug tracker reports and many “we will look into this” but two years later not only no fix but more issues brought with Hamlet(merging worlds does not work -using it to merge world crashes and resets worlds, strange audio bugs looping music non stop plus more). If I were you I would not expect the game to receive any updates. If we lucky we might get update only for world options to allow us set options to lots or more, but everything else is highly unlikely. Look @JanH only aknowledged issue with world setting options, but all other bugs will be “looked into” or “this issue were not reported by anyone else”. Mark my words bugs will not be fixed if it follows the same behaviour patch like last 2018 release and next time you buy something Don’t Starve related not on pc buy only if you don’t mind having many crashes and game breaking bugs. You will end up tinkering more with game than playing it or enjoying it. Please developers of Don’t Starve we would love to have similar expierence as PC players without game breaking bugs and years without bug fixes. As well some sort of aknowlegment would be nice that someone is working on bug fixes. @Jason, @Wade, @bizziboi, @JoeW
  9. And way “more” if not “lots” of other issues and problems in Switch version.
  10. @JanH Audio bug is pressent in Switch version. Music, sound effects keeps looping non stop. Ever since I entered calendar room I hear aporkalypse clock ticking non stop.
  11. Reports are all over the place. Many people are reporting being stuck same way on reddit few posts. Even wiki mentions that there is possibility to get stuck.
  12. Ever since I opened Aporkalypse calendar room sound which is emited by calendar (grinding gears) keeps repeating on loop no mater where I am. This is on Nintendo Switch
  13. Nintendo Switch on latest patch. Using skyworthy and trying to merge worlds(from Hamlet to RoG) gives this error(picture attached). Then it generates new world with glitched sounds. Continuing playing makes sound dissapear and does freeze game forcing you to restart app.
  14. Hey! Its been quite a while since we got any updates regarding Hamlet release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Are there any news? Xbox version is out for a while now. Is there any updates? Thank you
  15. Nintendo Switch release?