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  1. So after so long they still not released the fix. Thats dissapointing
  2. Are you seriously asking how to repro? Just launch the game! Go to SW and wait for dusk. Happens 100%
  3. As it seems after long time the switch version is still bugy mess. Crashes, sw music still repeats, ruins crashes on top of that even more mysterious crashes
  4. This crash as well is since game came on switch. It happens every single time you go to the ruins. It is anoying. And it is about time to fix issues!
  5. Shipwrecked on Switch music glitch

    Can we finaly get bug fix for this one? If one of you guys would actualy play your game on the switch you would 100% see this bug!
  6. SW Music Bug (Switch Version)

    So after few month they still did not fix that SW dusk chime bug. It makes me sad because there are many reports on these but nobody seems to care
  7. I noticed same when I was playing on switch! Strange bug
  8. Game crashes gives you error and closes the game when exiting cave if you stay longer. After reloading game you apear near the sinkhole like nothing happened and can continue play. Another bug with ruins: after genereating ruins you can see your character going down the rope and game just freezes forcing you to exit. As far I tested it happens only first time you enter!
  9. Objects not visible in game

    Can confirm this. Happens as well for me!