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Hi All,

I'm suggesting a microprocessor fabricator which provides m outputs based on n inputs. While its very much possible to do the same using basic gates, This fabricator will be helpful to test the inputs and possible outputs. Not everybody have done a course in Electronics so it will be very helpful to the newbies to implement their own automation logic.

When trying to create an IC, it should go into a new page like that of the jobs board and allow good customization. Eg: show each input and replace it with an image of what it is supposed to represent, like a fridge or pump. When clicking on the image, it should toggle states (0/1). IC should be nameable for easy understanding.

I understand this is not strictly necessary. The only reason I'm suggesting this is to help the newbies and for implementing very advanced logic in the game. I'm currently trying to run 8 natural gas generators across 2 circuits. When load increases in one circuit, the automation design should make the power switches to automatically remove one generator from the 2nd grid and add it to the power loop of the 1st. This should happen vise versa too (I'm trying a generalized loop to keep adding generators to one circuit until its battery reaches 100% after which power production in that part of circuit will shut down and will shift totally to the other circuit. If both don't need power, all generators will shut down).

I'm finding it quite complex to implement this. I managed to get it working in one direction but it works incorrectly when power is simultaneously required in both loops. So an IC fabricator with a testing area will be extremely helpful to both newbies as well as for implementing very complex logic.

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