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Sandbox could use a few extra tools

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So I was tinkering around in sandbox mode while I had some free time and didn't feel like digging into my base.  I'm still trying to setup my McMorb's franchise, but that's another point.  While attempting to use it, I kept finding I wanted tools from debug instead.

Items of particular interest:

  • I couldn't see the map without randomly spawning dupes all over the place.  If there's a way to get instavision with the sandbox I couldn't find it.  I'm sure I'm going to get four responses on that before I can even refresh with the directions to do it, so... thanks in advance?  I can't seem to find it.
  • Unable to insta-spawn buildings without having the base of the building available.  ie: putting blocks down first, then building your generator.  This can help me organize my thoughts without having to rebuild the blocks a bunch of times.  Oddly enough, you CAN put them in underground to be dug out. XD
  • Plants only have first growths.  There's no option to determine % of growth.  In particular rather handy for testing ranching for Drecko
  • Being able to spawn things inside of other things.  Containers, food storage, coal generators, etc.  Handy to be able to bring power online for testing immediately instead of getting a dupe to kickstart the process on a manual or loading material.

Overall a great toy, it's certainly letting us just 'play' in the engine, so thanks for that.  It's a nice in-between ground of the depth of debug and tinkering with the game in survival mode directly, so thanks.

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12 hours ago, WanderingKid said:

I couldn't see the map without randomly

You can steel use debug mode for that, but ur right, the sandbox mode is a better version of the debug, so it should have all the features and more 

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