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Don't Starve Together - Switch version questions

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Hi, I discovered Don't Starve with it's recent release on the Switch Store and I'm having a blast ! This game will probably exceed my Zelda playtime. 
No need to say after looking up a little bit more and discovering "Don't Starve Together" I felt a bit... bittersweet...

I tried to figure out why the Switch Version didn't get the Together DLC but couldn't come up with anything beside "Nintendo"s being annoying"

This left me with a few questions: 

1 ) Assuming Don't Starve Together will be released on the Switch, due to it's very recent release on the Nintendo Store, will Don't Starve Together be 14.99$ or will it be free / much cheaper (around 4.99)

2 ) Was DST not released/delayed because developping the online feature on the switch takes too long or something? 

3 )I've read somewhere that a patch is coming up soon after the end of the golden week (in japan). Will this patch only be bug fixes or can we expect at some point some of DST features such as Skin and unique recipies / mechanics (like the Teddy Bear or the Shroom farm)

4) Can we expect the game to support more languages? Not that the game is unplayable without understanding english but I'm personnally quite surprised that the game is still only available in english, it's not like there are that many lines of text to translate) 


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They mentioned that they have no current plans to port DST to the at Switch the moment, I don't think we've even gotten a solid answer as to if Hamlet will be added to the Switch port either.

The base game doesn't have skins and DST-only features added and if they added it anywhere first it would be PC. 

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20 hours ago, Sinister_Fang said:

Don't Starve Together isn't a DLC though.

are u sure; do you not know what dst stands for ?

Ddont down

Sstarve loadable

Ttogether content 


is just joke


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