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items built for the first time should take a while then gradually decreases as more and more of that item is created.the golden tools can only be built after 10 of the lower tier tools are created.tool mastery that improves creation time of tools and items as you build them over and over.

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Maybe in order to get have to complete other recipes? Sort of like how right now you have to make rope to make spears or sleeping mats. So to unlock the pitchfork you need to build an axe, a pickaxe and a shovel. But to build a shovel you just need to build a pickaxe and shove etc. That wouldn't have to be the order but you get the idea. This could help familiarize the player with all the items and what they do, which would be good considering that there won't ever be tutorials. (Which I like, just for the record.)And I still hate that we have to unlock things every time we die. Can't we just make things harder to unlock? Then you really earn being able to start the game again with everything you've unlocked.

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