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  1. ...Who wants Charlie to be a playable character now? (I know that really can't happen because then what would attack you at night but I want her anyway)
  2. I'd rather you make mandrakes really rare but renewable and stop nerfing the health out of honey. Otherwise, I love everything. Seriously though, I liked that there was one item whose specialty was health. It didn't make the game too easy, it cut out the time I had to huddle at my campsite waiting for my health to climb back up before I could go back to exploring. (And I HAD to, because I still needed something to eat because honey filled next to no hunger.) I would really love if honey went back to healing health but not hunger, and maybe keep it so it doesn't generate as fast as it did from the bee boxes. And if you want to keep the game from being too easy, the idea of honey giving you hunger never made sense to me. We've already got a lot of ways to get food, and we have almost no ways of getting significant health. It's unbalanced, dude. And I still dislike the new research system. Can't you give us the option to keep what we've unlocked or not? That way those who want to unlock everything every time and those who don't can do so. Maybe you can unlock that option from adventure mode?
  3. We've got mimes, robots, ghosts, and in the game files spiders, demons, witches and monkeys for main characters. You've drawn the most unlikely character of all; one that's not white.
  4. It's probably so you can more easily make taffy (which costs honey) and to add danger to the biome. I think Kevin once said he wanted to add things to make each biome have it's dangers so it wouldn't just be the tentacles in the swamp you had to worry about. So the Savannah has rampaging Beefalos and the green grass biome has crap loads of killer bees.
  5. Greenhouses for growing stuff in winter maybe? Kevin I think mentioned something about canned goods in an interview, so you could maybe save some stuff for the winter months. I'd imagine that if you can freeze to death, you have to make some kind of dwelling or something. Maybe like the straw roll, only it's a tent or something and you can use it to sleep through the cold nights so many times before you have to replace it like an axe.
  6. One thing that annoys me in starting over in an old world is any changes I make to the Turf being lost. Since Turf is completely cosmetic, can changes you've made to Turf be saved so that when you start over you don't have to redecorate?
  7. I remember someone saying they missed being able to dump excess stuff into the science machine. Could we compost stuff other than food? Maybe food contributes a way bigger ratio to the compost than just your excess stuff so it's not too easy but you can still get rid of stuff? You'd think in a game like this you wouldn't want to ever do that, but I've accidentally crafted axes and things when I didn't need them and needed the extra space more than I needed a backup axe.
  8. I am very much in favor of carnivorous plants like a Venus fly trap or man-eating bush.
  9. Maybe as a draw back if you don't manage to feed it for too long, it attacks you?
  10. Since the Insanity update the worlds have more beehives and more killer bees. Least as far as I've seen.
  11. I love all these ideas, but I'm particularly attached to:bunnies and crows eating your food unless you have ascarecrowbeaches pumpkins marsh slow downmushroomssquirrels and giant crabs (or some kind of beach/ocean monster).
  12. Don't nerf honey unless you're going to make it like it was before so that it restores more health but no hunger. Kthxbai.
  13. Maybe in order to get have to complete other recipes? Sort of like how right now you have to make rope to make spears or sleeping mats. So to unlock the pitchfork you need to build an axe, a pickaxe and a shovel. But to build a shovel you just need to build a pickaxe and shove etc. That wouldn't have to be the order but you get the idea. This could help familiarize the player with all the items and what they do, which would be good considering that there won't ever be tutorials. (Which I like, just for the record.)And I still hate that we have to unlock things every time we die. Can't we just make things harder to unlock? Then you really earn being able to start the game again with everything you've unlocked.
  14. Is the world flat, or is it round? In our world it's one, in Don't Starve it's another. Would it be a good idea to change that?What if the Don't Starve world was round, and by going in one direction, you eventually wound up right back where you started? Like that you could go all the way around the world and wind up right back at your starting point? I'd like this idea because it makes it easier to navigate the world without having to scale down the difficulty or make the worlds smaller. (I don't think.) Because no matter where you are, there would be a way to get somewhere else, even without a conveniently placed wormhole. That isn't the case now. Just a thought, if it's not an implausible idea with the resources available.