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a few list of suggestions

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I've been enjoying the game a lot so thanks for making this game.

As I play, I have tought of thigns that might make the game better.


This might be the game setup but I have hard time spreading the gas around my base. So I thought what if there is a fan that increases gas spread speed. It can have a form of a tile or like hydrofan but it sends gas to certain direction from the opposite direction. Later in the game, the base gets quite large but the oxygen have hard time reacing the end of the base so I thought this would help this issue. This i beleve has been suggested in previous topic but not sure where it is so if anyone knows, please add link to it for me.

And I also would like to see gas overlay that shows different type of gases. For current oxygen overlay, it only shows oxygen and other gas so it is not easy to distinguish other gas presence. Have an overlay that shows different color for different gases would be nice, perhaps pressure as gradient too. 

This is a side note but if I save the game after long continuous game and reload, gas behavior changes. Something to have a look at perhaps?


I like the way job setup is now and enjoying being able to divide up speciality. But I am missing doctor as a job. It is not going to be needed a lot but since there is a medbay, we could make use of doctor too.

And It would be nice if we can set a preset for each job so that when we change job for dupes we dont have to go through each priority and change manually.


Would it be suitable to have a farmtile that does not domesticate plants? It should takes equal time to harvest as wild and cannot be furtilized but doesn't take other resources. I often time makes use of wild plants far along the game but wanted to move them so that I can build my base in the way I want it to be. Time it takes to harvest have enough disadvantage it seems to me.


p.s. Having standardized list of tags might be more helpful for organizations and searching.

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