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[UPDATE - Fixed it!] Help me track down a crash in the main menu

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I've been getting scattered reports of a crash in the main menu (the screen with Browse games, Host game, Item collection, etc) and I need more information to track it down. It seems to happen either when the game is just idling in the screen, or when returning to the screen from the server browser, host game screen, or other sub screens. It's been happening since the 1.26 update back in March.

If you get this crash can you please post under this topic and describe exactly what you were doing at the time. Things that might be helpful:

  • Were one or two people signed in at the time, and were you/they in online or offline mode
  • Did you just start the game, or were you already playing and came back to the main menu.
  • Did you adjust the display area of your PS4.
  • Anything else you think might be useful.
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