Imagine New Challenger for Shipwrecked DLC was A MERMAID

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I was thinking what if we get Character who has ability to swim in Shipwrecked seas. But i was thinking that she wont really be mermaid like half human and mermaid when shes dry shes normal human and when shes like 50 - 60% wet of water she turns into mermaid. Like on land she is still mermaid if wet but she still can walk on land like with that animation pulling her self on the ground with hands and shes like 2 - 3 times slower and at. But when i noticed home on sea dlc i had that amzing thought what if it becomes real like mermaid character?? Only on sea survival? And add more stuff for sea too like lightning road on sea what was weirdly not added to the game... so comment what you guys think of it?? Id imagine it would be really cool if they added.


Edit: i was thinking to add some advantages for this character what can do like. Wilson can grow magnificent beard and other character.

So first: She can turn into mermaid and swim on ocean. 

Very slow on land as Mermaid

Second. As mermaid shes immune to electricity. (Like hitting jellyfish or getting hit by lightning)

3th. Can make special item. A sea shell crown. Can be made with corals, gold and seashells. Gives defence and small sea monster like stink ray and sword fish wont attack you

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