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Game almost unplayable - running out of water.

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16 minutes ago, Grimgaw said:

Seeing as you'd need 1 rancher per ~16 slicksters that's embracing Ranching Update on another scale.

In my 12 dupe colony I normaly have 2 ranchers and a farmer and give them all training and priorities to do both jobs. They seem to split the workload pretty well.


Back on topic: people really underestimate the value of the magma biome as a large late game water source. A good oil cooker is self powering, lasts an extremely long time and provides a solid consistent supply of water.

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26 minutes ago, Grimgaw said:

Or make everyone a rancher. Maybe that 2:4:11 is doable.


34 minutes ago, Lifegrow said:

Late game if they're idle, you're either not building big enough, or you should consider restarting (or lay back and watch your ant colony congregate around the cook station/toilets) :D 

I am waiting for the next update for restarting. Until then, since the game does not dictate us an end goal, we all have our own silly, made up goals. You guys want to build everything and bigger, I want to see every single tile (except precious ice bioms) clear blue. :p

So the thing is not playeable/unplayable. it is about the pace. if developers want a faster game, we need more dupes and so need a little bit more water resources. As a casual player, I am content with the pace. 

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