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Hello,I wanted to post a did you know thread (and trying not give away too much info)* Did you know that if you put fireflies in your chest, the chest will light up... Place 2 or 3 in a triangle and you have free light for the rest of your days! * Did you know you can attack your tamed pigs with the CTRL button? Really good for that annoying one who 'oinks'...* Did you know that Optimus Pine doesn't like Torches at all? * Did you know that pig king doesn't eat Monster Meat, but does eat digged up objects? (where's the logic in that?)P.S.:* Did you know that I've been playing this game for months and I still don't what a tallbird is! I need to explore much more!

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wow thanks for all that!! So helpful especially the firefly thing!! I'm on day 140 and still havent seen a tallbird either!!! :(My did-you-knows are much lamer, but maybe some ppl dont know: - you can save your game at any time by eating a mandrake - your pig wont eat the rabbits you have him kill as long as you've fed him at least once that day - Large concentrations of spider dens tend to be near Beefalo herds and rock islands. Be careful before settling there. - Optimus Pine won't follow you forever--dont worry. He'll even forgive you and act very neutral towards you if you manage to escape out of his view for a day and a night. No need to feed him stuff or plant trees or anything. - Spiketackles do not respawn! Kill all of the ones in your path and that "path" will be safe to take from then on! - Spiders are less likely to attack you if you stand by a pit fire rather than a campfire.

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