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Help for Conveyor and shipping[Solved]

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Hello guys,
i'm setting my first conveyor system ( yeah i know it's been out for a while now ^^)
I want to take my plastic from my plastic factory( a little bit hot) to my storage place (nice and cool).

I managed to Load Plastic on Conveyor ( Image 1)  but the Auto Sweeper things don't put it in storage at the end. I don't understand because i already create a shipping system for my Coal Generator and he works fine. (Image 3).

Thank's Guys :)






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2 hours ago, PhailRaptor said:

Check the Priority of the Storage Compactors at the destination.  It needs to be set higher than the Unloader in order for the Sweeper to move it.

Yeah, that's is the solution!!! The Auto Sweeper is working !
Thank's a lot




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