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Nutrient Liquifier

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I think it would be nice it there was a way we could place mushrooms, mealroot, ect. in hydroponics farms and pipe them their fertilizer.

So the idea is you have building (preferably looks like a giant blender) it acts as a hopper for a single type of material (chosen similarly to the filters) and has an in coming and out going pipe port.  You fill the hopper with say slime, pump in some water and pump out sludge to hydroponics farms containing mushrooms, or fill it with dirt add water and pump out mud.

 The idea is to make farming less time consuming at the cost of using extra water so it is a trade off but in certain situations well worth it

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6 minutes ago, BlueLance said:

Well, i didn't know that either so that's good to know.

I discovered this by accident back when I did my stack-able greenhouse. My sweepers were suppose to load the farm station with fertilizer but I notice the sweepers were also delivering it to any hydroponic tiles in range :D


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