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More electrical components/ reworking of electrical overlay

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Recently I had some trouble with one of the circuits in my base. Even though the wattage was relatively low, a surplus of power was causing batteries to overheat regularly. The game did not tell me that the surplus of power was what was causing the problem, and I only figured it out from testing out different solutions.

This gave me a few ideas for how to improve upon the existing electrical circuitry mechanic to give players more ways to solve energy problems and to see what circuits might cause trouble down the line. 

Right now we have 3 colors for circuits: White, red, and yellow.

White and red are understandable enough, but yellow can mean multiple things. Yellow circuits either have too much power, not enough power, a powersource disabled, or going through a period of high power consumption. 

If there were more colors to illustrate different circuit statuses, it would help players find and fix problems sooner. 

for example:

Red: no power

Yellow: too much power

Orange: too much wattage

green: sufficient energy supply

blue: power supply/circuit disabled


another thing that would improve the overall power mechanics would be adding more electrical components. We already have transformers, but transistors, resistors, and capacitors could give players more control over how power is distributed within circuits

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