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Daniel86268    368

Yes. Settings like max player count, etc. you can obviously set in your server.ini and cluster.ini files on a dedicated server.

Worldgen settings like disease, etc you can set using the command

TheWorld.topology.overrides.<game option> = "<setting>" 

You can find the list of game options here:

For example the command to disable disease on plants looks like this:

TheWorld.topology.overrides.disease_delay = "none" 

Keep in mind that some settings don't affect the world, such as "world_size", "branching" or "loop", since those ones are only active during the world generation.

Edit: When using the command to change the settings make sure to check if the Infamous "Remote: " is still in front of your console, since it gets disabled when pasting commands in. Press <ctrl> to enable it again.

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