The Lone Survivor (Challenge Scenario)


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A once thriving base suffered a devastating loss after a cataclysmic volcanic eruption. One duplicant miraculously survived the disaster. Despite suffering grave injuries and the loss of his friends, he continues to persevere, trying his best to survive as each cycle pass. However, the feeling of loneliness and the fond, happy memories of the past make him contemplate, whether to keep going or to just end it and go with his friends to a better place...


Rule: Debug mode is not allowed.


Objecitves: Help the lone survivor find a printing pod. Print one duplicant to win the scenario.


Bonus Goals. Once the primary objectives are complete, you may continue playing if you like. :) One or more of the following optional bonus goals below can be completed:

  • Bring back the colony to its former glory. Build a base that can sustain at least 6 duplicants.
  • Give proper burials to at least 150 duplicants scattered around the map... Once things finally cool down.
  • Explore the four ruined bases. Two of them are inspired by familiar things. Try to figure out what those two ruined bases are based on. :)
  • For a real challenge, build a base that can sustain all 35 unique dupes in the game! Good luck trying to accomplish this bonus goal!


Save File: The Lone Survivor.sav

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No, I didn't tinker with the stress settings. Settings of the game: fatalistic stress, miserable immunity, stress response enabled. I'll look into it because that's not supposed to happen.

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On 31/05/2018 at 10:13 AM, wutzelputz said:

Did you tinker with the stress settings?

After initially sending Max to the Med Bed for a couple days all of his stress symptoms disappeared, even though the stress display shows 100% stress.

I may have found out the cause of how that happened. It's quite an exploit if stress is set to Fatalistic. If a dupe's stress reaches 100%, let that dupe cry out / vomit / binge eat / destroy stuff until the "Antsy" status appears. Pause the game and order the dupe to move somewhere. Afterwards, the dupe will never get stress again until you reload the game again. Repeat every time you load the game.

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