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[Game Update] - 127

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jesuisralph    120

New update messed up with salt lick :(

I updated the game, it was early spring... my beefalo was fine, I made sure to have enough salt lick before heading to the caves. I spent my entire summer in the cave, came back to this:



What the heck?! this is NOT cool...... I had enough salt licks, this shouldnt have happened.

I have 2 choices here:

Use my backup save data but it will take me back to last winter or autumn, which means... I'm losing a lot of game progress


Re-Tame a beefalo which is soooooo tedious!

PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE! It's been happening so often on PS4, players losing their beefalos because they weren't in the base for a few days.... it's not cool at all!


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