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  1. How do I join the Midsummer Cawnival event? I can't find the crows/birds.
  2. The patch messed up with either my tamed beefalo or salt lick, when I came back up from the caves my beefalo is back to normal. (I had over 6 salt licks, so Idk what happened). I couldn't rolled back to recover my tamed beefalo because I was in the caves for a very long time and had lost count of days (killed fuelweaver, and ancient guardian among other things) and I didn't want to "re-tame" the beefalo so I ended up just killing my beefalo and getting over with it. I have had this beefalo tamed since my early days in the game. I'm at 10k+ days
  3. Set the world for NO Poison Birchnut Trees, but I'm getting those when I chop Birchnut trees. Attached the save files bellow with screenshots of the issue.
  4. Oh ok, thank you. For those wondering how to do it... (i just looked it up)
  5. When I was new to the caves early 900s, I chopped and dug a big portion of the blue mushtrees, even burned few with spider webs under the assumption that it would grow back after reading the wiki but it never grew back and I'm on day 8836 right now. I also went asking question about it on twitch, the streamers I talked to (Clwnbaby, esaiXD) has told me to never to dug stump because it won't grow back if I do. Clwnbaby also said that when he dug it, he lost all of his mushroom because it never grew back. So this is how I know why a large portion of blue mushtree is gone for good. As for the red mushtree, it usually grows back when I chop it and leave the stump intact.....
  6. Wow, such a troll.... Maybe you should go chop and dig up all of your mushtree stumps in your world and wait for it to regen. It's been proven that once you dig up the mushtree stumps, it DOESN'T grow back.
  7. As far as I know Mushtrees are part of the regrowth mechanic in DST (, I have chopped mushtrees before and it always grew back - It's been a while since I've done this (I'm not sure if the new update/patch messed up or not) I chopped the red mushtrees again during late Winter and as always, I left the mushtree trunk in hopes for it to grow back like before..., it was supposed to grow back by Summer but it never did. I started to get worried, I asked other twitch streams about this and they told me that it "takes time" next season came along (Fall season) and it still didn't grow, I noticed something..... the red mushtree trunks started to disappear. I noticed way too late, by the end of Winter and early Spring, I went back to caves only to find out all the mushtree trunks that I left behind just vanished. Fortunately I have a backup save of previous day counts that still has a few of the tree trunks left, I'm hoping you could take a look into this issue and help me save the remaining red mushtrees trunks I have left in the map.. I chopped about 40+ mushtrees (I didn't dig up the mushtree trunks though) I noticed that I cannot save all it, some are already gone from the map (unfortunately, the save I have overwrote previous saves before chopping the mushtrees) I also have made a save of the day I found out the all the mushtrees tree trunks has vanished. Here's the save with the remaining red mushtree trunks left: The save file of the aftermath when all the mushtree trunk vanished: I also have the screenshot of the maps, etc.. The map that shows a few mushtree trunks: Here's when I noticed EVERYTHING just vanished.... I'm really disappointed right now, if I knew there was a bug, I wouldn't have chopped the mushtrees in the first place. I have a few options right now... - Stop playing this world until this bug is fixed so I can save my mushtrees - Deal with the loss of 40+ mushtrees and have HUGE & unpleasant dark areas near my cave base area. - Reload my third backup save that takes me back to 7300s with all the mushtree intact but lose over 600 days of progress including Misery Toad kill, base changes, loots, rss, etc...
  8. I was wondering when are you guys gonna fix this issue? The graphic error is obviously linked with the ocuvigil. I recently added an ocuvigil back into my map and this happened again... Second screen (webber map) you can see the graphic errors It's a mirror of this section with the ocuvigil:
  9. Ever since this issue, I just started killing him normally but I run through a lot of logsuits... do you know how to dodge his hits? sometimes im able to dodge but sometimes i'm not able to do it because he double jumps.
  10. If you saw the video, the gunpowder was placed on top of Klaus, I've done this many many times before and never had any issues with him waking one sec after I use the pan flute - the pan flute doesn't seem to be working as intended.
  11. I'm confused.... can flowers spawns on cobblestones & carpet? Here's what happened.... a lure plant spawned close to my bee box area, it somehow ate all the freaking flowers in the area plus destroyed my evil flower area. I found this out way too late,I couldn't the flowers in my bee box area, 50% of the flowers are gone but a few new flowers spawned cobblestones and carpet and I also found a few homeless bees, I don't understand how I got homeless bees roaming around when the lure plant never destroyed any bee boxes. Picture: Another issue.... I was in the caves the entire summer and came back up to find Klau's loot stash on broken wall stones.... I put the wall stones in there and broke it to avoid Klau's loot stash from spawning in that particular spot, it has worked for about 2 months, I haven't seen it spawn in that spot but it happened today.... Is this some sort of glitch? Why would Klau's loot's stash spawn on broken walls? If it's not a glitch... could Klei developers please do something about it? I know for a fact that lure plants will never spawn on certain turfs (wood flooring, cobblestones, rocky turf) would it be possible to make some modifications with Klau's loot stash so it can't spawn on certain turfs or on top of broken walls? My base is right there (pic above) and I've fought Klaus in this spot a few times, he always damages my base.... I wouldn't mind Klau's spawning in other areas in the Deciduous biome as long it is not infront of my base, inside my base or in between my base.
  12. Explain this .... this is an older video of mine look at it from 15:59.... see the differences in this video vs. the recent one where he wakes up instantly, he NEVER woke up and I was able to light up the gunpowder and end him. I have been doing this method for a while and has ALWAYS worked until recently.. Please look at this video starring from 15:59
  13. Are pan flute suppose to not work at all? The sec I use to put the boss to sleep, it wakes up the sec I put it to sleep.. I took a video of what's been happening and the gunpowder does ZERO damage, it's been this way ever since the new update! PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE.....