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  1. [Game Update] - 124

    Hi, What do you mean when you say only drop during the season of Hallowed Nights? Do I have to set make a new world and set Hallowed Nights season? And be on a look-out for these rare items and snag them, do you mean the weekly drop that is random skins or something else like a quest? I haven't gotten any rare halloween theme skins yet... only got a bird cage through trading rare items. Weekly drops is normal skins
  2. Best present

    I got this after trading good dupes and one single item :/ How do I get the halloween costume skins? I have been playing for the past 2 weeks and so far, no drops at all from the weekly present drops. I really hope Klei extend the time for this event for PS4 players since we don't have the method to purchase the skins like PC players.
  3. How to be Courteous to fellow PS4 players: NOT waste your time and effort to make a brand new PSN account to request someone as a friend to stalk someone and then go sending a voice recording accusing the player of sending you a friend request and get bitter when you didn't get what you wanted: (the voice recording was this guy getting mad "why add me if you dont want to let me join you?" I got very sick of receiving more than 5+ private PSN messages per week from strangers asking for the password to my DST world and help for them to earn trophies (it happens whenever I'm playing DST) that I had to change my PSN settings to only friends to able to send me PSN messages but this didn't stop strangers from sending me a friend request to start sending PSN messages for the password. I know who this guy is (the one from the screenshots above), he is the SAME guy who sent me a friend request last week under a different PSN account asking for my DST password because he wanted to "check it out" claiming to be an expert in DST he even sent a screenshot of his world to "prove" it but I still told him I cannot give him the password. A few days later I got another friend request, as usual I accepted the friend request not knowing that it was about DST because I was playing a different game earlier and I thought it was someone from Rock of Ages 2. Anyway, once I accepted the friend request, the first thing I got was "password" , I just ignored it and then a few minutes later he sent another message "DST" and asked again for "password" I just ignored his messages but I did I noticed something strange about this guy -- I checked his PSN profile and it was completely brand new. He was a level 1 PSN user with only one game DST with only one trophy that he just got by visiting someone's DST world for the first time and his friend list had 3 friends: me that he just added and 2 other people (the 2nd one was the guy who sent me a friend request last week asking for my DST password and sending me screenshots of "proof" that he is experienced, the 3rd is another guy who also sent me a friend request the same day the 2nd one sent me a friend request... which made me think that there was a pattern and that he probably made those throw away accounts to mess with me by pretending to be someone else) I did a test yesterday (Sunday evening), I decided to "play" DST when I saw in my fl that ONE of the 3 was online (the main guy who sent me screenshot and proof he has exp in DST) a minute or two later, I get a PS4 pop up notification that a friend has logged in (the guy with brand new PSN account) and he goes sending me the same message "password" along with a voice recording and him asking to join.... LOL which has confirmed my suspension all along that this is the same person. All that effort because the guy got butthurt I didn't want to let him into my DST world. Never assume that just because you've sent a friend request and they have accepted your friend request, it automatically means BFF mode and you're entitled to join their private DST world. Don't get bitter and try to get revenge just because you didn't get it your way -- move on! Don't spam players to Share Play DST (let them gain control of your DST game in your world in their PS4 system) Don't spam players to Request to Watch (stream) when they don't feel like streaming. Always remember to treat people the way you would want to be treated
  4. I took Deerclops for a walk & witnessed a interesting fight btw hounds, treeguards and deerclops. I came back to see find out that once again my beefalo turned NORMAL: I tried to save him by rolling back the 5 days but I couldn't save him. I had an extra save data in my usb and I had to use it.. it took me back back to Autumn season but I was able to save my Beefalo. Now, here's what I think caused the Beefalo Salt Lick glitch/not work When I heard Deerclops (night time) I was too late to get out of my base so I rolled back the day, I smashed ALL of the 4 Salt Licks that were almost done and replaced it with brand new ones just to be safe. I think this is the reason my beefalo became normal, it probably didn't detect the new Salt Licks or something... it's the only reason I could think of, I have been doing fine before that with no issues of my beefalo turning back to normal only this time because I replaced the 1% Salt Licks to brand new ones and left the base to wait for Deerclops. Saddly, I have to take Deerclops for a walk again but this time I will make sure to save my game (with tame beefalo) before taking Deerclops out a walk. Please fix the Salt Lick glitch on PS4, it doesn't seem to be fixed... I plan on killing Toadstool with 2 controllers and I won't be able to check beefalo while prepping for it in the caves I don't want to lose my beefalo and have to roll back and lose all progress of other things to save the beefalo.
  5. @JanH @CharlesB I think I may have found the cause of the graphic errors in the map. Read further... I've had this map graphic errors for a very long time now, I've brought up the issue a while back but there is no solution yet. So while playing DST in my main world (4450+ days) I was trying out new techniques with the bosses and I've decided to place a few Ocuvigil in new areas to keep an eye on certain things -- I noticed something else.... NEW graphic errors appeared in the map!! The old and not fixed graphic errors: New map graphic errors AFTER placing additional Ocuvigil in different areas: Yes, I placed an Ocuvigil to watch Dragonfly and because of it, I think I may have found the cause of the map graphic errors. I did further testing... This errors is linked to the picture below After noticing that there is a big possibly that Ocuvigil might be the reason I'm getting all of these graphic map errors, I've decided to remove all of it and this is the result when I restarted the game: ' So far, I've haven't had any more graphic errors in the map AFTER removing the Ocuvigils.... BUT I'd like for the developer team to take a look into this matter, do further testing and perhaps patch this issue because I do need to have Ocuvigil to keep an eye on certain bosses. Thanks!
  6. Small lag issues here and there

    I had a similar issue, it could be that you have too much items lying around in your base. I noticed that the items on the floor had this weird shaking animation, i think this is what causing the lag. i collected all the stuff lying around my base place it in chest and the lag is gone.
  7. [Game Update] - 120

    Anyone else getting major lag on the ground level? I'm getting major lag in my base area.... could it be issues with stacking items? I suspect it's a stacking issue because it's "shaking" It's so laggy
  8. [Game Update] - 120

    How many in-game days: about 4080 days Were you playing offline/online: Online Were you playing split-screen: Yes Did you have a large base with large number of resources: Depends on what you mean by large base, I consider it "medium", it isn't too big but it's not small. I do have a large number of resources It happened during Dragonfly fight, I was playing with 2 controllers split-screens. Since I was playing by myself with 2 controllers, I put one character (Maxwell) inside the caves because of the lag I was getting when I had 2 characters on ground level. I noticed a huge improvement from the lag issue when I put one of the characters in the caves to afk. I had the other character (wolfgang) in ground level to farm Dragonfly, long story short... I died and I rolled back and it crashed the game. I have the saved files, a screenshot as well.... I forgot how to send it to you guys... I'm trying to find the article with instructions on how to upload the PS4 save files to send it in the email... **update** I couldnt find the article on how to send the PS4 save data to Klei support, if someone finds the articles with instructions please let me know. I forgot how to do it
  9. [Game Update] - 120

    Game crashed when I tried to rollback, I reported the problem... I got this blue screen error:
  10. [Game Update] - 120

    I'd like to know too.
  11. [Game Update] - 121

    Okay, thank you!
  12. [Game Update] - 121

    Is this normal? I saw fire hounds in the caves... Public Klei server. Ever since the new update I noticed some weird things, the thermal stone doesn't late long, when you get out of the fire it turns yellow very fast and then normal. I also noticed I get hungry quicker, and hounds are now able to go inside caves...
  13. [Game Update] - 120

    Did they made some changes with thermal stones? It seems like it gets colder really fast now. "Subsequent stacks of explosives will do reduced damage until the temporary resistance begins fading after a few seconds." Does this mean if I wait for the resistance time to fade away, it will work do the same damage or less? How do I know when the temporary resistance will fade away, is there an animation of it or something? Also, I went to play in a public server and I saw fire hounds in the caves, is this normal? I went under the caves and I saw 4-5 fire hounds near the entrance ready to attack me, I had to go up again... So hounds will go in the caves now or is it a glitch? I think someone went inside the caves when he heard hound noises and maybe the hounds followed him? Also this update is making my character go hungry faster, the thermal stone is dying out way faster the min you step out of the fire pit the thermal stone turns yellow and go normal very fast. I have another question, how does Antlion work? I found the location for the fishing spot during summer, what do I have to do for him to not destroy my base? Is the damage permanent? I read somewhere that he also does damages if you're underground, can I find him underground or only in ground? I have a base underground and I don't want him to ruin it... Where can I craft the new items? I don't see anything new for me to craft... I didn't make a new world, I'm playing in my old world. I did see the oasis and did get deerclops blueprint, but there's nothing new in the crafting tabs. And how do I find the antlion, is he located close to the oasis?

    NOT regarding this current issue, they sent an email on May 3rd regarding other issues: Graphic Glitches, Pengulls, Goose Goose and the crashes I've been getting in my server which I also posted in the bug report forum "Major crashes, disconnect, wormhole, etc...". It has nothing to do with the Damage Save Data. They can't get my save file because it's corrupted (they got the old save files before I got this error), it wouldn't even let me upload in the PS cloud or USB stick, only option I had is delete or can't play at all. So yeah, the tweet you saw was sent to me and its regarding previous issues, not this one.

    I haven't seen any recent tweet from them about fixing this issue. The save file is corrupted, it won't even let me do anything... i tried to put it on a usb and delete to start over but there was not even an option to upload the saved files. I had to delete everything, i had a PS plus backup from months ago... which set me back to day 700s with so much to do, i decided to delete and just play hosted servers, start a random public server to test things out, not farm any boss or put too much time on anything. i still have the 700day progress in my PS plus cloud save... and guess what? the brand new world with brand new saved files also got corrupted. im glad i didnt to put too much time & effort on the random world... i just trashed everything, deleted everything.... they said they fixed the caves issue in public klei servers, lol. i got stuck in the loading screen again yesterday trying to enter the caves and i got another blue screen crash with corrupted file right after i deleted the new world new save "corrupted" saved files. at this point, im not even gonna put too much energy or time in this game, everything is just gonna get corrupted....