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  1. How to be Courteous to fellow PS4 players: NOT waste your time and effort to make a brand new PSN account to request someone as a friend to stalk someone and then go sending a voice recording accusing the player of sending you a friend request and get bitter when you didn't get what you wanted: (the voice recording was this guy getting mad "why add me if you dont want to let me join you?" I got very sick of receiving more than 5+ private PSN messages per week from strangers asking for the password to my DST world and help for them to earn trophies (it happens whenever I'm playing DST) that I had to change my PSN settings to only friends to able to send me PSN messages but this didn't stop strangers from sending me a friend request to start sending PSN messages for the password. I know who this guy is (the one from the screenshots above), he is the SAME guy who sent me a friend request last week under a different PSN account asking for my DST password because he wanted to "check it out" claiming to be an expert in DST he even sent a screenshot of his world to "prove" it but I still told him I cannot give him the password. A few days later I got another friend request, as usual I accepted the friend request not knowing that it was about DST because I was playing a different game earlier and I thought it was someone from Rock of Ages 2. Anyway, once I accepted the friend request, the first thing I got was "password" , I just ignored it and then a few minutes later he sent another message "DST" and asked again for "password" I just ignored his messages but I did I noticed something strange about this guy -- I checked his PSN profile and it was completely brand new. He was a level 1 PSN user with only one game DST with only one trophy that he just got by visiting someone's DST world for the first time and his friend list had 3 friends: me that he just added and 2 other people (the 2nd one was the guy who sent me a friend request last week asking for my DST password and sending me screenshots of "proof" that he is experienced, the 3rd is another guy who also sent me a friend request the same day the 2nd one sent me a friend request... which made me think that there was a pattern and that he probably made those throw away accounts to mess with me by pretending to be someone else) I did a test yesterday (Sunday evening), I decided to "play" DST when I saw in my fl that ONE of the 3 was online (the main guy who sent me screenshot and proof he has exp in DST) a minute or two later, I get a PS4 pop up notification that a friend has logged in (the guy with brand new PSN account) and he goes sending me the same message "password" along with a voice recording and him asking to join.... LOL which has confirmed my suspension all along that this is the same person. All that effort because the guy got butthurt I didn't want to let him into my DST world. Never assume that just because you've sent a friend request and they have accepted your friend request, it automatically means BFF mode and you're entitled to join their private DST world. Don't get bitter and try to get revenge just because you didn't get it your way -- move on! Don't spam players to Share Play DST (let them gain control of your DST game in your world in their PS4 system) Don't spam players to Request to Watch (stream) when they don't feel like streaming. Always remember to treat people the way you would want to be treated
  2. I took Deerclops for a walk & witnessed a interesting fight btw hounds, treeguards and deerclops. I came back to see find out that once again my beefalo turned NORMAL: I tried to save him by rolling back the 5 days but I couldn't save him. I had an extra save data in my usb and I had to use it.. it took me back back to Autumn season but I was able to save my Beefalo. Now, here's what I think caused the Beefalo Salt Lick glitch/not work When I heard Deerclops (night time) I was too late to get out of my base so I rolled back the day, I smashed ALL of the 4 Salt Licks that were almost done and replaced it with brand new ones just to be safe. I think this is the reason my beefalo became normal, it probably didn't detect the new Salt Licks or something... it's the only reason I could think of, I have been doing fine before that with no issues of my beefalo turning back to normal only this time because I replaced the 1% Salt Licks to brand new ones and left the base to wait for Deerclops. Saddly, I have to take Deerclops for a walk again but this time I will make sure to save my game (with tame beefalo) before taking Deerclops out a walk. Please fix the Salt Lick glitch on PS4, it doesn't seem to be fixed... I plan on killing Toadstool with 2 controllers and I won't be able to check beefalo while prepping for it in the caves I don't want to lose my beefalo and have to roll back and lose all progress of other things to save the beefalo.
  3. I used to play games on a PC laptop and it was so bad, it would cause major crashes when i did school project the stuff just crashed and i had to redo everything because i didnt save it. Then the laptop just went bad, I got blue screen and windows errors, hard driver fails, etc... my older brother got an iMac for my bday and has been restricted to school stuff only
  4. my mac is restricted to homework school projects only not gaming
  5. is your pig king located in deciduous biome area and is there a glommer statue? if not, then its the classic mode and theres no glommer. if it is then idk.. it could be a glitch
  6. I watched last week's twitch stream from klei devs, I loved the trailer at the end of the stream... it got me very interested in this game but unfortunately I cannot play games on my mac so I'm wondering if this game will ever be release for console players. From what I observed during the stream and a few other streamers playing this game on PC, it looks like it's much easier to control the game and play the game using a mouse than a controller, if the developers ever decide to port oni to consoles, will the mouse feature be available for PS4 players who has a mouse/keyboard?
  7. Ikr... I know a few PS4 players who are annoyed that they got to deal diseases (it wasn't a choice for them to chose to turn off/on) they just automatically got it due to DST update. I think it would be nice to let players of current world to have an option to either use or not use the new update contents instead of automatically implementing it into their world. Edit Wait... did you set your world "classic" I dont think there's Glommer in classic mode.
  8. I'm not doing much in my world. It's been pretty boring not being able to farm certain bosses due to lack of nitre, I just had been sitting around in my base most of the time for Thursday's reward reset. Thanks for the suggestion I have been digging burrows in my cave base cause there's so many moleworms in my cave base and whenever I dig I get stacks of 40s flint or rock if it's nitre, I get only one sometimes lol. I will try above ground and see how it goes
  9. @JanH @CharlesB I think I may have found the cause of the graphic errors in the map. Read further... I've had this map graphic errors for a very long time now, I've brought up the issue a while back but there is no solution yet. So while playing DST in my main world (4450+ days) I was trying out new techniques with the bosses and I've decided to place a few Ocuvigil in new areas to keep an eye on certain things -- I noticed something else.... NEW graphic errors appeared in the map!! The old and not fixed graphic errors: New map graphic errors AFTER placing additional Ocuvigil in different areas: Yes, I placed an Ocuvigil to watch Dragonfly and because of it, I think I may have found the cause of the map graphic errors. I did further testing... This errors is linked to the picture below After noticing that there is a big possibly that Ocuvigil might be the reason I'm getting all of these graphic map errors, I've decided to remove all of it and this is the result when I restarted the game: ' So far, I've haven't had any more graphic errors in the map AFTER removing the Ocuvigils.... BUT I'd like for the developer team to take a look into this matter, do further testing and perhaps patch this issue because I do need to have Ocuvigil to keep an eye on certain bosses. Thanks!
  10. Small lag issues here and there

    I had a similar issue, it could be that you have too much items lying around in your base. I noticed that the items on the floor had this weird shaking animation, i think this is what causing the lag. i collected all the stuff lying around my base place it in chest and the lag is gone.
  11. Wow, so all those annoying monkeys will respawn I've burned all of the monkey pots because they're so annoying... does the rock spiders spawns in the same location as well? I got rid of all of the rock spiders near my base.. this kinda sucks if they respawn. I have so much trouble getting nitre, I don't think I can get 80 just to fight fuelweaver. I'd rather use it on salt licks or I risk of losing my beefalo due to a PS4 bug.
  12. I play by myself, I don't think I can kill fuelweaver as Maxwell by myself. Is it true that once you kill fuelweaver, it resets everything in the ruins including thulecite resources (you get more thulecite walls to hammer, etc...)? Someone told me that everything resets and you get more thulecite walls, etc.. but I read on wiki that thulecite is not renewable so I'm confused.
  13. I was WX-78 when I started playing because he can eat spoiled food but I had so much trouble with sanity, specially during Spring season I died a lot and at that time I didn't know how to fight shadows when I started playing DST, I met this really nice player who I later I added as a friend on PS4 and I played him a lot (former friend) he helped me a lot, it was super fun playing with him but we somehow drifted apart, I always try to invite him to play but he would say he is busy he just unfriended me for no reason so I started a new world playing as Maxwell by myself basically
  14. @Jurgen Thanks, I follow Helicalpuma too but I'm just very bad melee fight in general I do have a wicker using a second controller, I have brought other characters into my world to craft helmets, books, etc.. I had a tentacle to slap bee queen and dragonfly, at first it was nice and easy but then I started to get caught in between the tentacles and die in the process so I got rid of the tentacles (took a lot of effort from hounds to giants to fully get rid of the whole tentacle traps) and then I built bunnies which worked out great because there's no hassle of adding reading more books to add more tentacles if I'm low, no hassle in picking the loot, and no chances of getting caught in the middle and die in the process. I'm not that good to kill misery toadstool, I already struggle with toadstool using gunpowder alone (there's a very annoying bat cave where toadstool is) I can only imagine what it will take to kill misery toadstool, I don't have enough nitre to even farm anything at this point, everything goes to salt licks. It's not possible to seed a world on PS4 Sony doesn't allow players to change save data and upload it back to console. We can't even have mods, or commands like PC players...
  15. @Jurgens Thanks, but I really LOVE my map.. if I could start over with the same exact map, I think I would do it. I really lucked out by getting a very good convenient map (2 wormholes: One wormhole leads to my pig pen farm I've build & bee queen and the second one lead to 3 walrus camps located close to each other plus my bunny pen farm) and a cave entrance that leads directly to the Ruins & Portal). I built my base in the pig king area which is in walking distance of dragonfly also where it has the 2 wormholes and great cave entrance where my cave base is. I'm on almost 4500 days, I do farm bee queen & dragonfly with just a bunch of bunnies. I don't even have to touch the boss, the bunnies do the work for me -- but I cannot farm Klaus or Toadstool with bunnies (I asked a PC DST player friend on discord to use some commands and spawn 150 bunny hutches in the toadstool area to see if the bunnies could kill toadstool as a test because being a PC player you can easily spawn things without farming it, I wanted to know because I want to farm more bunnies to farm toad he automatically said he won't help me because toadstool will auto kill all bunnies with gas and told me the only way for me to do it is dark sword + gun powder.) I haven't killed toad in a very very long time due to lack of resources.. its either use the nitre on boss farm OR make salt licks (there's a bug with PS4 players where domesticated beefalo becomes normal even if you have 4-5 salt licks, it happened to me which I freaked out and had to rollback the max days to see if I could save my beefalo. It happened to others too..) I play by myself as Maxwell and sometimes I connect a second controller to bring Wolfgang to kill some bosses like Antlion, Dragonfly, New moon creatures but it still touch because I'm not very good and there's a lot of lag when I play slip screens so I tend to die or make a lot of mistakes due to lag. I try to ask "friends" to come to my world to help me with bosses, but some people are just not respectful and steal things (logs out with the boss loot, krampus sack and never joins back, I've lost 3 krampus already) or they just come in to troll, so its hard to trust people and have been playing by myself ever since and just soloing bosses with gun powder.