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  1. [Game Update] - 127

    New update messed up with salt lick I updated the game, it was early spring... my beefalo was fine, I made sure to have enough salt lick before heading to the caves. I spent my entire summer in the cave, came back to this: What the heck?! this is NOT cool...... I had enough salt licks, this shouldnt have happened. I have 2 choices here: Use my backup save data but it will take me back to last winter or autumn, which means... I'm losing a lot of game progress or Re-Tame a beefalo which is soooooo tedious! PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE! It's been happening so often on PS4, players losing their beefalos because they weren't in the base for a few days.... it's not cool at all!
  2. What the hell is a pugna chest

    Do you know if you get additional skin drops if you already got all of it before the update? I got 3 out of 4 before the update..I'm wondering if it resets or stays the same and I'll only get 1 till Thursday reset.
  3. Klau's loot stash spawn

    It doesn't work for me, I think it's because I set my world winter feast theme :/
  4. Probably slowly implementing the update OR they messed up because they did the same thing with the Winter try out skins (chest skins, etc..) and never said a word about it and also never mentioned when they pulled it out. ____ I didn't want to start a new post/comment. Is anyone having issues with the caves? It disconnects the game whenever I go in or get out the caves and I get stuck on a loading screen for a while.
  5. We still have the Hallow loading screen but the skins for Year of the Varg/Goober is out for everyone to try by using the closet. I just got the game for Steam (iMac) the skins to try out is the same as the PS4.
  6. Redeem Codes, Characters, and Trading

    Yes, because you seem to have failed to read this Just asked on their live stream and here's the answer: I got a shoutout from the artist in the stream, lol
  7. Redeem Codes, Characters, and Trading

    I didn't say anything wrong, I basically said what one of the developers told me about a year ago. "Sadly Sony doesn't tell us who owns which games so we can't give these out on PS4"
  8. Klau's loot stash spawn

    This method doesn't seem to work, it does seems like random. I was at the Mosaic area from early fall till winter day 3 and when I came back to my base, the loot stash spawned in a pretty bad spot. I found a way to make the loot stash not spawn in that certain area that I was having problems, this is the solution: But then this happened, it spawned in a even worse location, as you can see the picture bellow, klaus destroyed some of stuff in my base area, I have a video of the fight too... I had to rollback a few times because Klaus spawned in my base walking all over my ice box and breaking the drying racks... I didn't want to rollback any further because i felt at least this is the least damages he has caused in my base so I just him break the figures but then something else happened.. my houndius shootius kept shooting the deers I had to rollback because one died, in another try... since it was new moon (LOL) klaus walked into more of those figures unleashing a bunch of shadows to come after me... another rollback -sigh- eventually I was able to kill without incidents but it was a messy fight because i had to keep klaus away from my houndius shootius and away from the rook figures during new moon. Messiest klau fight i have ever had. But, I guess funny to story to share... I wish Klei would do some coding to fix the loot stash spwn like make it NOT spawn in certain areas that has certain types of turf, just like how lureplants cannot be spanwed in wood turf, etc... that would be wonderful. PS. I didn't open the loot stash yet, I think I have no choice but "wall floor" the entire area so it doesn't spawn in that spot again :/
  9. Nope, not frustrated at all and I didn't realized it's been 35 days since the toadstool bug, it didnt even felt this long tbh. I was just wondering if the fix will come with the update or not.
  10. Redeem Codes, Characters, and Trading

    We won't get it, the developer already said that PS4 players who own Don't Starve, Reign of Giants and Shipwreck for the PS4 cannot get DST skins for it because there's no way they can tell who bought the copy so they can't give skins at this time. I asked the same question last year and one of the Klei's staff told me that they can't give to PS4 because there's no way to tell who bought a copy of the game or not :/ Saddly, the only way to get it is to re-purchase the same games but for the PC and get the codes from PC version to redeem on PS4.
  11. Says out this week but I don't see any changes, I was wondering if there's any news regarding the misery toadstool crash/freeze issue yet.
  12. PS4 crash during Toadstool fight

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/234181085 Someone went on twitch to ask, I did the same the other day... they gave the guy the same answer they gave me, they're looking into it.
  13. I hope we get the Winter Feast update, I really want to kill the new designed Winter Feast Deerclops and the other boss for the adornment. It's really unfair that we can't have it...
  14. PS4 crash during Toadstool fight

    Update. I got an email from JanH, it looks like they will start investigating this issue and hopefully we will have a fix sooner than later. FEB 22, 2018 | 04:45PM PST JanH replied: Hey there Ralph, Jan from Klei writing you back once more. I just wanted to confirm that we have received your support ticket and I have forwarded this to our PS4 team who are investigating. I will ping you once I hear back from them regarding your issue – sorry for the inconvenience, - Jan