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what's the precise difference between Supply and Storage?

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Supply:  Run resources to critical buildings and urgent storage.

Storage:  Fill non-critical storage buildings with resources.

I presume the former is delivery to buildings like the cooking station, apothecary, metal refiner, etc and the latter is just storage compactors and smart storage, but haven't had a chance to play since yesterday's update.  I have no clue what "urgent storage" is.  Has anyone confirmed how this works?  Thanks.

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I too would like a few more details on this. Just returned to playing ONI for the first time since the outbreak upgrade, and I'm trying to wrap my head around all the changes.

I'd also like to ask what the difference is between Life Support and Supply...

Supply: Run resources to critical buildings and urgent storage.

Life Support: Maintain algae terrariums, deodorizers, and water sieves to support colony life.

What does "critical buildings" mean if it doesn't mean the same as life support? And why, if they are indeed "critical buildings" and "urgent storage", is Supply not high up on the duplicant priorities list alongside Life Support, rather than near the very end? It seems strange to have something valued so low in terms of priority but simultaneously described in terms such as "critical" and "urgent".


Many thanks to anyone who sheds some light on how this works!

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