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social update! part 6!

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well, the last post "social update! part 13!!!" was somewhat of a joke, now we have

::Dark Arts::

the dark arts is a skill mainly needed for later game, this allows the duplicates to hear the ones before them, if one was to have the dark arts trait and are assigned to be an artist, they will draw "works of darkness" ( gives off serious negative decor, oh and also, DARKNESS DOESN'T KILL THEM!! back to the works of darkness, the works of darkness are gathering points for the ancestors, and can be brought back to life by doing their bidding!

but yet, dark arts needs to be set to "yes" in custom game.

::surface and core::

yes, yes, many, MANY people talked about this, and now im here

the surface of the asteroid is first made of void, but can be solidified by pumping raw ore to the core, with the core refinery, this will, after 5 - 7 attempts of 1 ton of ore will give way to the atmosphere, allowing oxygen to nicely flow up there. once built, a rocket can be made by using 2 tons of refined metal, this hold 4 dupes and 5 tons of mineral, metal or whatever, this starts "journey" of which you then have to successfully solidify the core on 3 planets with varying difficulty. this will then, once completed allow meteor challenges, hard and brutal challenges that will possibly kill everyone. 

: : back to dark arts : :

the dark arts trait gives way to a special job, cultists! allowing your darkness loving, emo engraving dupes a place to hang out. these dupes will do rituals every so often, ether getting a gift, nothing, or something horrid, maybe you'll even encounter something else!

this is a very stupid idea....

dare i post it? mabey. 

I'm okay with harshness.

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