NEW Teleportato-Based Dedicated Servers

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hiya! i just started two new dedicated servers based on the teleportato from singleplayer, come check them out if you're interested! and bring your friends too

Teleportato Dedicated Server

Your typical Don't Starve Together world, now with the Teleportato!

as the description states, this is just your average dont starve world, with the teleportato thrown in

Slots - 20
Style - Cooperative
Mode Survival
Caves Enabled

Mods Included -

  • Teleportato

Unusual Teleportato

Nothing ever stays the same. Wanna jump to another world? Better be VERY prepared!

unlike the other, the world variates itself every time the world could be set to long night, summer start, short autumn, deerclops is often, etc. a world reset/jump is made, which means if you're going to the next world, you better prototype some structures and pack some items before you activate the teleportato

some things to note about this server that the other server doesnt include, are that the "things" are mildly guarded, and that a broken ancient psuedoscience machine along with very few ruins chests and a few ancient statues spawn near the wooden thing once all the "things" are placed on the wooden thing this is added so that those who want a few ruins gear dont have to ruins rush on a world that has winter or spring set to 50 days, but you still have to go to the ruins to get more ruins gear

this is for the people who want a challenge world where they cant be tempted to cheat

Slots - 20
Style - Cooperative
Mode -  Survival
Caves - Enabled

Mods Included -

  • Teleportato
  • Shipwrecked Characters if you think these guys shouldn't be added, please tell me
  • Starting Item 2.0 7 grass, 4 twigs, 4 logs, and 4 nitre are what you spawn with
  • Setpiece Config
  • Show Me
  • Health Info

NOTE: These servers are probably not going to be available for joining all the time, so sorry for that, and that the ping may or may not be shown on the "Browse Games" screen

anyways, enjoy!

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