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Tradeable event items

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Tbh, I really like how event items are non-tradeable.

Just like ZolaRay said people would try to get profit from those items, especially due to their unavailability outside of their events. It really annoys me for some reason. I'd rather pay Klei (The people who develop this amazing game for us including free for all events without asking for extra payments apart from OPTIONAL skin packs for fair prices.) than some person who bought a skin pack 20 times to resell it for 100x the price afterwards without doing anything for us.

Secondly I kinda like the skin's trophy like personal value. "I played this event and got these sweet unique skins during that event. You can't just buy them for $200 a piece from the market, I can't sell them, they have no actual value, they are just unique."

Dunno, just rambling about how I feel about event skins.


Edit: Making them only tradeable between players would result in the same, if not bigger issues: Way in the beginning of DST skins, skins were only tradeable between players to avoid people trying to profit from skins like these. Result was that CS:GO keys were used as currency. And the prices (converted to €/$/whatever) were horrendous, since there was no lowest sell price/highest buy price matching, and instead just a few people monopolizing the marketground and trying to profit by buying and selling the skins for CS:GO keys. (Or Team Fortress 2 stuff as currency.) Please, never again.

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