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Cave server not responding for non-host players

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My wife and I just started playing the game and really love it. We created a world with cave server and used my wife's machine to host it. When we just started the game, in the first few days I was able to enter the cave. However, after a few days of game, when we try to get back to setup our secondary base we noticed that only my wife can enter the cave, but whenever my character tries to enter I always get an error saying server not responding. I checked the log, and noticed that whenever my character tries to enter the cave a migration error occurs with error code 177. Any suggestions or hints are welcome. We really love this game and don't want to miss anything in the cave at all!

Here's the log and the corresponding cave server config. 



This is master server config


This is some highlight from the error log just in case it's too lengthy to go through.

[01:22:49]: [Shard] Received migration #2 data for (KU_V_O7loY5)
[01:22:49]: Client authenticated: (KU_7veFLJE2) grey047
[01:22:49]: [Steam] Authenticated host '76561198027294603'
[01:22:49]: [Shard] Completed incoming migration #1 for (KU_7veFLJE2)
[01:22:55]: Resuming user: session/2A221085394D93C0/A7GVJ87LACS2/0000000173
[01:22:55]: Player will spawn close to portal #7	
[01:22:55]: Spawning player at: [Load] (-708.15, 0.00, 129.04)	
[01:23:26]: [Shard] Migration by user ('KU_V_O7loY5') failed (177). 
[01:23:35]: [Shard] #3 -> session/2A221085394D93C0/A7JVUO3RUA45/0000000173
[01:23:35]: [Shard] Received migration #3 data for (KU_V_O7loY5)
[01:24:06]: Activating portal[7] to 1	
[01:24:07]: Serializing user: session/2A221085394D93C0/A7GVJ87LACS2/0000000173
[01:24:07]: [Shard] Migration request: (KU_7veFLJE2) to [SHDMASTER](1)
[01:24:07]: [Shard] #4 <- session/2A221085394D93C0/A7GVJ87LACS2/0000000173
[01:24:07]: Ignored request to resume during migration
[01:24:07]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_SHARD_SILENT_DISCONNECT
[01:24:07]: [Steam] SendUserDisconnect for '76561198027294603'
[01:24:35]: [Shard] Migration by user ('KU_V_O7loY5') failed (177). 
[01:25:28]: [Shard] #5 -> session/2A221085394D93C0/A7JVUO3RUA45/0000000173
[01:25:28]: [Shard] Received migration #5 data for (KU_V_O7loY5)
[01:26:28]: [Shard] Migration by user ('KU_V_O7loY5') failed (177). 
[01:28:40]: Serializing world: session/2A221085394D93C0/0000000173
[01:28:40]: Truncating to snapshot #173...
[01:28:40]:  - session/2A221085394D93C0/0000000167
[01:28:40]:    1 file(s) removed


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