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Gofer should carry multiple materials

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As far as I can tell all dubs are limited to carrying only one type of material at a time, the total mass is of course determined by their strength but high strength dups are frequently unable to utilize their full strength because the needed delivery mass is much less then they can carry.

At the same time the Gofer and Currier jobs really don't have any interesting or useful traits that they unlock, being instead just a strength buff.  So I propose that two new traits 'double carry' and 'triple carry' be created which are the linked to the mastery of these jobs and which allow the dups to carry two and three types of material respectively.

The AI will need to be beefed up to accommodate this trait of course, the Dups when making a delivery of materials need to aggregate different jobs with different materials together, likewise on a sweep job they could collect multiple types of debris and intelligently take them back to multiple locations which could mean doing a double pathing operation.

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