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Idea for new traits

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Hey so i was sitting here playing and I got to thinking, these dupes work hard to keep each other alive and never really have a moment to stop and have a little fun so what if they had new positive traits as jokester and giggles and for negative would be the grumpy trait.

Jokester would run around and tell jokes to other dupes to try and make them laugh and help lower stress levels a little bit, doesn't interrupt other dupes current task(s).

Giggles would laugh at small things and while sleeping, but not as bad as loud sleeper, to loss a very small amount of stress and almost always laugh at a jokester and loss a large amount of stress.

Grumpy would mean they don't have the time or patience to listen to a jokester flap his/her gap.

The positive traits would slightly slow down production but atleast it will give players a way to somewhat manage stress levels.

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While I feel we are missing something in the midgame to cover the transitional period to high quality food, early game stress management is really easy.  Extremely so, actually, now that Decor and Food Expectations are directly connected to Job assignment, rather than stats accumulated.  Avoid promoting people until you have to, sweep things off the floor, and build a --singular, really that's all it takes -- Massage Table.  Set the Table to run from 45% down to 5%.  Get a Dupe with some skill in Cooking kind of early, and process your Meal Lice to Liceloaf before promoting your Researcher and Miner(s).

To be frank, ever since the Room mechanic was added, Stress has been an extremely simple problem to solve.  Latrine and Mess Hall are both kind of overpowered.

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