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Prioritize Dupe Tasks on Job Screen

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Meet Burt. Burt always wanted to be an architect, and now, they are!


(Don't tell the others, but Burt is my favorite Dupe.)

Burt does have other interests however, like cleaning, but when it comes right down to it, Burt lives to build.

When given the choice, Burt would Build, and only build, until there is no more to build! When the building is all done, then Burt would clean to their hearts content.

But, if I, the awful dumb goon, sets Tidy to a high priority (higher than building), my darling Builder Burt would be forced to clean instead. How sad!


But, what if we could set the priorities of tasks assigned in the job screen?


Here, my darling builder would prioritize all build tasks, and only once ALL build tasks were done, could they clean. After the cleaning? Burt can dig! No more building, cleaning, or digging? Now Burt will do any other task. Once a build task is created, Burt goes right back to their dream job, Building!


I feel this would help us do what we really wanted when we heard of the Jobs upgrade - set task priorities on a dupe to dupe basis. Let a builder build ALL buildings, from global priority 9 to global priority 1, THEN and ONLY THEN let the builder do other things. 


Wanna get really crazy? Let us view the priorities from the dupes point of view. Who knows.



If this isn't feasible, I am sorry. In the end, this is what I expected from Jobs - that a dupe would prioritize the job task above all other tasks, and the global priority would only dictate the order they do their job task, and only once all tasks associated from their job are completed, do they do other things. 


I hope you all understand what I am trying to communicate, thank you for the consideration!


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I was also thinking of something like this, so Ill just ad my 2cents here on this thread.

I would say maybe have 2 small boxes, one on each side of the main allow / disallow job, Then this would not affect the main map priority, but instead, if one dup has the left small box ticked, he wont be given that job as long as any dup with the center tick box active is able, and again, center tick box wont be assigned, if any of the go to, left tick boxes of that job are avail.

so you can have your master digger always be the 1st guy to be given a dig job.

Or your best cook, be given a cooking job. ect...

This way you can have a research station and a musher both set to 9, and the cook wont go to the research station when the musher is loaded and powered.

Or times when your builder is digging, and digger is building, cause of so many tiles being task-able at the same time.

Right now I am constantly going in the job board turning off allowances to try and achieve this type of task assignments, and only giving other dups non trained jobs when I see the idle flag bing.

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14 hours ago, LycorisSeig said:

Let a builder build ALL buildings, from global priority 9 to global priority 1, THEN and ONLY THEN let the builder do other things. 

This was tried during the occupation update preview and it didn't work. A duplicant that's picky about what is he doing spends more time running around the base after tasks of his choice than a duplicant that will do whatever task needs to be done close to him.

Also, players don't need particular duplicants to do particular tasks. They need tasks to be done as efficiently as possible and trying to assign certain tasks to certain duplicants is just the approach they try to use to accomplish that. But the efficiency is not in duplicants doing only certain category of tasks. It is in organizing the duplicants so they run as little as possible and work as much as possible.

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