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[RESOLVED] My dst is broken someone halp!

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So i got this new gaming laptop and after downloading dst i noticed that the textures are all messed up. Some parts of the screen are completely fine and meanwhile some are just a pixelated mess.

Whats going on here. Can this be fixed?

Also the fps is capped at 60 for some weird reason, allthough it should go to atleast 120 :D




(the clouds look like this when i zoom out)



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I've had this problem before on a friends computer, I'm sorry I can't be more helpful than this because we fixed the problem rather quick but try going into your settings and messing with a few options to see if anything isn't set up right. Try looking at the small textures settings, iirc we had it enabled when it needed to be disabled. For my computer I have small textures disabled.

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