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Shipwrecked Ideas

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Sl3nd3rlxrd    4

1: as in the normal game you can go into the normal game, a good idea would be that in shipwrecked c to get under water and to get deeper where to find all sorts of marine creatures 2: I have some ideas for some new monsters: sea rocklubster /, coral spider /, baby dragoon /, sea stars /; hammerhead shark /, sea turtles /, and some mangrove crearures that live in huts made of earth, grass and sticks 3: new bosses: cthulhu, Hydra New weapon: trident 4 stars stars pot and used for: an armor, a hat, a new boat type, new character: Rocco * is half man half fish * can be friend with merms * hates sea food These are my ideas I hope someone will see this and will introduce at least some of my proposals in case someone contacts me my email is in case something from here will be introduced (I hope it will be), I will draw that thing and those from Klei will redesign it, That's what i’ve had to say. Bye Bye!

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