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Unwanted Playstyle Behavior

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Considering now that the new patch makes it so that you can't "max" level up your athletic stat.
And that stat is the SINGLE most important stat in the entire game.

This is what will happen for those who are going to just min-max.    They will sit there and just reroll the character selection screen until you get Athletic high enough and then having to decide if the other crap that rolls with it is worth keeping.    But it's pretty much a rinse and repeat.

This will also happen on new dupes. Basically save and reload over and over until that one single stat is obtained.

So developers, let's just cut to the chase and skip to quality of life adjustments here.    Give us the MAX stat  on athletics as default.  Or allow us to actually just level that stat up alone over time to cap.   Why bother even offering athletics as an option- it should just be a given.    I noticed you removed the immunity stat.  Athletic should just be considered the same problem-  give players a fixed stat on that.

Or add in feature such as  stat lock.  You can lock a stat you like, and then after that reroll.

Or do what Roleplaying games do.   Give player a set of points and allow players to allocate them after they roll their traits. 

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Seems tedious to do that - self punishment even. I can see doing this when needing something very specific - like an artist+cook, or similarly athletic+supply, which I take when I see it now, regardless of the food situation early game. ...unless they're this guy: 


Otherwise...I'll get to the oil biome eventually and without the flatulence, binge eating and immunodeficiency problem.

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