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One month down...

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Just a little past my first month in the wilderness.Here's what my camp looks like so far:post-942-13764589299021_thumb.jpgOnly on ym second island so far, but I ahve settled down since there is an abundance of bunnies and a beefalo herd nearby.-3 Turbo Farms-40+ berry bushes-4 chests full of cooked bunnies! >=D

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I had something like that...But more hardcore...32 trees on my right(I know cause it was a full stack of pines...XD)4 bees...things on the left, with 29 grass...on the island to the left there was beefalo so I had both meat and "****" XD...and I had about 20 meats on me...2 awesome farms and 1 not so awesome...1 pumpkin lantern near my "sfige"?(the thing that ressurects you) the lantern did nothing...but it looked cool near it...XDMeaning...I had free wood/grasss/honey/farm stuff/seeds(the birds bring them all...XD)Then I decided..."Hey...lets go explore that graveyard with around 8 graves and get science points!!!"I got there during the afternoon, so I made camp and decided to wait for the next day...but I failed to see the 6 spider dens...and I also light the forest on fire(total accident)...so...about 30 spiders attacked me...and I died...got ressurected, went to get my itens back...died again...EDIT: Ps...I only say it's more hardcore cause I have bees...XD

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Haha, I havent done anything with bees yet. I dont know their AI, so I am always afraid to attack them or whatever. And I avoid spiders, so I never have silk to build a net.

when you have a logsuit, attack them!! (P.S. piggies are also a good help!)
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