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  1.'s not about extra points or anything's really just for fun...^^
  2. I had something like that...But more hardcore...32 trees on my right(I know cause it was a full stack of pines...XD)4 bees...things on the left, with 29 grass...on the island to the left there was beefalo so I had both meat and "****" XD...and I had about 20 meats on me...2 awesome farms and 1 not so awesome...1 pumpkin lantern near my "sfige"?(the thing that ressurects you) the lantern did nothing...but it looked cool near it...XDMeaning...I had free wood/grasss/honey/farm stuff/seeds(the birds bring them all...XD)Then I decided..."Hey...lets go explore that graveyard with around 8 graves and get science points!!!"I got there during the afternoon, so I made camp and decided to wait for the next day...but I failed to see the 6 spider dens...and I also light the forest on fire(total accident) 30 spiders attacked me...and I ressurected, went to get my itens back...died again...EDIT: Ps...I only say it's more hardcore cause I have bees...XD
  3. I killed one using a spear...and 99% of a log suit...XDdidn't know you can use one to kill tentacles...FREE WEAPONS!!!
  4. This is a bug I actually like...XD This is how it goes... You need to find the flag on the level (the one that lets you switch items/clothes) You pick the hunter clothes and any 2 items...(let's say spikes and bugs) On the left spike, on the right bugs After you get back in the level, if you change clothes again and pick nightmare, and pick the item on the right...the item on the left will still be there...allowing you to an extra item... It only works using hunter and then nightmare... I recorded it...but since I play on xbox, I had to film it with a normal camera...sorry for the bad quality...
  5. Apparently you achieved "zombie mode"...XD
  6. I just re-installed the last update for my card drive...and now it works...^^Sorry for any trouble
  7. I'm trying to play the demo version but this error appears"Error: Failed to initialize OpenGL. It's possible that your graphics card drivers are out of date and updating them may fix this issue. Please see the system requirements for more information."My graphic card cards are up to date..this is my computer specsWindows 7 home premium 64-bitProcessor: IntelĀ® Core i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.1GHzMemory: 4096MB RAMCard name: NVIDIA GeForce 310M hope that's all the information neededLooks like a fun game and I would like to try it out before buying
  8. The guy that appears dead is the sniper on the left...but there was no kill points for him...try checking him out before you kill kelly...he stays stunned for quite a while so you can do it...
  9. I am really happy about this's one of the best games I've ever seen...but I feel like there's something missingMy favorite style of playing is the nightmare style, making guards wishing to be dead and them making them this favor...this is how I usually do...1-Kill a guard and hang him somewhere for the others to see...2-If they don't look at him, Make them look with a dart3-After the "friendly fire", there will be only 1 or 2 guards left4- walk behind him and wait for him to turn5-When he s* his pants after seeing you, kill him.And that's where the problem kill him silently just like every other kill...there's nothing "special" about itI wish there was a special kill for nightmare could work like this...(ps: you need to be using the nightmare clothing)1-Guy gets scared(that sign showing he is terrified appears)2-If you scare him 1 or 2 more times the sign changes to something else...meaning he's to terrified to even walk...(or shoot)3-If you appear in front of him after that, he maybe falls to the ground and start slithering away from you(with his back to the ground)4-The special kill happens...maybe something like what we see in movies where the guy put his hand in the person mouth not allowing it to scream, while the forefinger of the other hand goes in front of the mouth to show the guard he should be quiet...and them(without taking the hand of his mouth) he grabs the sword and kill the guard(not necessarily fast or slow...medium speed)That may be too "dark" for this game...but I really wish to have a special kill on the nightmare style to make up for carrying 1 less item...cause a little chance of the guys getting scared by you appearing in front of them doesn't seem to do it...
  10. when you finish the game you can start it over with your upgrades and the difficulty is higher from the start
  11. I got a Bug...On the courier guard(the one you have to follow to a room and then you kill/steal get a watch/radar)There is a moment where he enters a room with a dog and 1 other guy...if you get in there through the ventilation you reach a checkpoint...and if you die/reload you re-start from there...but when I did that, the courier started walking back...through the way he time he went to the building door and went back...but on the other time he went back all the the place where we first see himdon't know why...but always happened one of the above...either he went back until the door, or the entire stage...a second bug is similar to the one of "othiagocruz" but with me the guy was panicking(like, half the panic animation) then he turned and panicked again, then he turned again and the cycle continued...