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Map Design - failsave dupetrigger - checkpoint / question

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I am tinkering around some time, to create a failsave access point, to start events, like heateruption in the example.
In the bottom pocket is liquid magma, some degress below vaporation point, the layer on top/vacuum prevents heattransfer to the doors, where some pressure is locked. When you deconstruct the pressureplates, a wire or anything you could reach from automation stuff, it will open the door.
Then the heat will transfer and cause meltdown (moving hot gas/steam).
It's only a tech demo.
Is there a way, to trick it out and open upper corridors, without action caused?
Do you know similar triggertech? I could need some option for 10000000 kg per tile liquid tungsten, to control the expand process, till it will be triggered.
In my example is the water/steam causing chaos, not expanding fluid.



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2 hours ago, R9MX4 said:


Now I can deconstruct these pressure plates


I use two neutronium airlocks to contain high pressure liquid carbon. Once the doors are open, liquid carbon will destroy everything.


It's smaller and more powerful, but still easily broken from outside.



Nice thank you. Do you know a "more failsafe" way, to trigger something like that in the corridor example?
Edit: For what is that "broken.yaml" good?

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1 hour ago, Oozinator said:

Edit: For what is that "broken.yaml" good?

Copy this file to: Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\templates

Then you can choose it and paste this design to your map with debug tool.


Liquid coal is hotter than magma. High pressure liquid is more destructive than high pressure gas. But it is easy to be solved by building three layers abyssalite tile.

If you want a more fatal punishment as an filesafe, I guess you should find a method resulting game crash. I spent a few days on it but no gain.:(

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On 16.1.2018 at 5:18 PM, R9MX4 said:

I have no idea about how to forbid certain research, sorry

But it's possible to make automation wire unbuildable.




Thank you very much. I would like very much, when Klei would make that stuff moddable, without switching files.
Gamemode - advanced options.
It would be nice, to have an option, to prevent playerbased deconstruction/interaction.(while building in debug) or similar too..

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