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Duplicant sensors, Germ sensors and Alarms

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Thought up of 3 ideas using automation

Duplicant sensors

These sensors will scan the nearby area for duplicants (the area is shown while placing it). If a duplicant is detected, an active signal is sent. This can be used to make duplicant checkpoints much more autonomous, as duplicants won't get locked out, and automatic locking systems won't get a duplicant trapped.

Germ sensor

Much like the duplicant sensor, this sensor scans the area and will trigger when a specified or any germ is detected. Can be used for locking duplicants in ore-scrubber areas until their carried material is clean of germs. It can scan items inside of containers, too.


Alarms are attached to the ceiling. When activated, they light up, and duplicants will flee the nearby area. Can be used for making duplicants automatically flee from areas when they flood or other bad things.


You could combine the three along with other sensors and stuff to set up something like this:

A duplicant flips a switch, causing the alarms to go off in a storage room. The duplicants inside flee, and once all duplicants have left the duplicant sensor turns off, locking an airlock and causing a gas pump to pump all of the gas out of the room. Once the air pressure is 0 (detected by atmo sensor), chlorine is pumped into the room until there are no more germs (Detected by germ sensor) The chlorine is then pumped out, oxygen pumped back in and the door will open again when the switch is flipped.

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- for germ sensors - never seen 0ne or heard about one in my life

Also, i would add counter sensor(counts times activated) and battery charge sensor. Charge  sensor has already got code ready-to-copy on generators. Counter sensor will be useful overall.

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43 minutes ago, Saturnus said:

You can fairly easy build a counter with automation though. Here's my 4 bit counter...

I am familiar with this, but how about situations when im lazy to make counters and i want single block counter :P? 

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