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FearThe1337    2

I've finally figured out how to modify existing things in the game such as rocks and their loot after reading some source code of this game, but now I'd like to modify it so that the existing rock boulder contains only one kind of loot and has a tint.

In this case it's gems, so instead of it being able to drop any gem, I'd like to make it drop only one gem and it should remember which gem it has no matter what you do (exit the world, get into it again and etc).

Is that possible to do? I know that I could just randomly pick the tint and loot (if tint is possible) in AddPrefabPostInit, but it's just for when the object is created at runtime in world I'd assume, and so it's not persistent, does anyone know anything that I could use for this? Unless I am mislead and it modifies the actual prefab itself which means that every single object will be exactly the same no matter what.

Example - gold rock is now slightly tinted orange and will drop a single orange gem along with it's normal loot, but a gold rock (the "rock2" prefab) right next to it could be tinted red and drop a red gem, I can do the loot part, at least I think I understand how modifying of the object works already, but not tinting, or changing individual objects randomly only once, and for other times persisting what was generated.

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