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Suggestions and Feedback after 1000 cycles and 174h playtime

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1. Temperature & Cooling

In the late game no other factor dominates so much than cooling. I have many options to move thermal energy, but it's very difficult to get thermal energy OUT of my world. The asteroid doesn't seem to have any kind of radiation. For example, an ice biome, once heated up, it may stay hot forever. It doesn't loose its thermal energy to outside of the world (like radiation), the heat only spreads over the asteroid.
I can destroy thermal energy with the very limited Wheezeworts and Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier or by destroying hot stuff, for example moving thermal energy to a gas or liquid and then destroying it. The last option feels more like exploiting game environment gaps...
Is this bad? And if yes, why?
I like the thermal concept of the game and its difficulty very much. But in the late game it outclasses any other concept. Handling food, stress, immunity and other thoughts become almost irrelevant. And this is, where it start gets boring to me. I would like other problems to become more important while cooling becoming less a problem, so overall they keep more balance.

2. Dupe Rank & Food

There is almost no need to feed your dupes with better food than nasty Meal Lice. There is so much cool stuff, but why I should build it? My stress was already at 0%, even with level 25 attributes, all the time.
A possible idea could be to implement dupe ranks. With birth they are only rookies and their attributes may grow up to level 10. But they are easy to handle. If a dupe is happy and all its requirements are fulfilled I may rise his rank after some time has passed. He now can grow his attributes up to level 20 but requires better food (Meal Lice wouldn't be enough for him now), better bed, etc. Maybe with higher ranks even a own room. Maybe he are even able to do new things.

By the way: I liked to room-requirements showing in room overlays. Maybe we could made this even further:
Rooms could have different "ranks". A simple barrack room only has some simple criteria, but a rank 2 barrack room needs more or better things.

3. Population Motivation

There is no need getting more than 10 dupes. The notifier for a new dupe almost becomes annoying. This should be something which delights me and not annoys me. An option would be to increase the duration for creating a new dupe with population. The game also should rewarding me more for keeping many dupes alive than penalize me only with more hungry mouths. New and complex buildings could have a population requirement. Maybe I could even build my own Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier, but for this I would need 100 rank 3 dupes, or other complex buildings.

4. Recycling

I really enjoyed that more complex buildings like Fertilizer Synthesizer produces the targeted stuff, but also other some other waste which makes me to start thinking: "What could I do with its waste?" I feels like a puzzle. This was very cool. I also hope very much chlorine becomes more use.
There are some buildings which requires non replenishing resources. Pincha Pepper grows faster with Phosphorite, but I don't have any option to recycle something to gain new Phosphorite again.

5. Adventure Mode

I really would enjoy a new adventure mode like in Don't Starve. Finding some secret machine parts hidden all over the asteroid for building a rocket which allows me to go to the next level with only one dupe and some stuff. Every new level has his own special features. Beating the whole adventure mode unlocks a cool new building. Maybe you find some cool blue prints while exploring the adventure mode too.

6. Creating World Scene

The scene while creating a new world is ugly and I don't like it. It's boring to watch it. :D
The creating scene is Don't Starve was wonderful and inspiring.

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2. Ranks: There's already mechanics in the game like this, but without the extra complexity. Just need to rebalance the effects of skill vs their penalties. A dupe with a skill at level 25 should not be able to eat crap food.

3. Lots of dupes: Most of the systems in the game reward efficiency, and push you towards having as few dupes as possible. Maybe there can be some things specifically to push you towards a large number of dupes? The Matrix-style batteries? Cannibalism?

4. Recycling: I'd like more things which let you recycle, but only as multi-stage processes. e.g. The carbon skimmer lets you get water back, but only if you build a water filter too. Alternately, you can get fertilizer out of it. Maybe some more buildings that emit multiple outputs / by-products?

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Re: 1. Temperature & Cooling

There are only so many challenges in the game: oxygen, food, stress, diseases, and heat. Though the challenges are delivered in roughly the order in which I mentioned them, they all appear fairly early and then they all keep returning in various forms and require improvements throughout the game. And all of them provide some early solutions and then require the player to improve the approach towards permanent and sustainable solutions. With oxygen, it's algae/terrariums switching to algae from slime and finally parking at electrolysis, with heat it's using ice biomes and various water cooling options early and switching to worts and entropy nullifiers later.

Re: 3. Population Motivation

The duplicant printer can be switched off to make it less annoying. Since the game design necessitates control on population (limited resources, geysers, limited heat removal options) it would be probably better if the "push" strategy of the printer was replaced by a "pull" strategy, i.e. a new duplicant is made on demand when the player wants a new one, either to expand the colony or to replace a death. And all it really requires is the printer to start in OFF mode and switching to OFF after printing each duplicant.



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1. Temperature and Cooling

I disagree with this suggestion to make heat-removal an easier task. Of course, "exploity" mechanics should be ironed out but for a colony suffering a heat death is an interesting late game challenge. After all, this game is build around science and sustainability and having a colony face a heat death could be a real problem in reality too. If the surface material of the asteroid is not a good radiant then high temperature accumulation is definitely possible. Even our universe will either die a heat-death or cold-death so this ultimate thread to our dupes makes the game more interesting.

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Weather System: If the world in ONI wouldn't be an asteroid, i would say: Implement a weather system, with hot and cold seasons, affecting the biome temperatures and flora to some extent. Would be a new challenge in temperature management and food production, as you need to produce and store enough food to survive the bitter cold winter.

Mood buff for food diversity: Dupes should slowly get unhappy when eating the same dish ever and ever again. The more variety they have, the better should be their mood.

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