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[Suggestion] More & Improved Atmospheric Overlays

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Atmospheric pressure is an important aspect of this game. While you can monitor the pressure in areas by just hovering over the area, an overlay, in which we could see the pressure in areas would be nice. I am getting the popped eardrums penalty way too often, an that overlay would really help.

Also, the oxygen overlay only provides, where duplicant can breathe. But an extra overlay, which outlines what kind of gas is present in an area would be nice. Sure, you can see chlorine by it's green color and hydrogen by it's red color, but it would be a more suitable feature, if we had an overlay, which shows, the gases in the atmosphere with different colors. (Green = Chlorine, Blue = Oxygen, Red = Hydrogen, Orange = Natural Gas, Black = Carbon Dioxide, and the list goes on...)

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