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Beefalo reproduction

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My world is around 650 days old and while the beefalo in it still go into heat, they aren't making baby beefs anymore. This is a problem because I'm trying to grow a herd in a specific location. 

Is there a cap to the number of beefalo in any world, or do they just stop reproducing at a certain point? I've been culling the other herds in hope that it will lead to more beefs where I want them, but so far no luck. However, I've been killing them one at a time, and maybe I should just get Deerclops in to do the job?

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They have a max herd size, after which they stop spawning more.

There is no actual cap on the Beefalo in a world.

You can easily split herds by seperating a young beefalo and chasing it to where you want to have another herd and getting it stuck there, for example in walls. A panflute can be very helpful here. Otherwise you can also just run away from the beefalo and get it unloaded, so it can't move and adults.

How does this work? When a Beefalo matures it either joins a herd that is nearby, or spawns a new one.

Be careful about Deerclops, he can kill entire heards in no time, which won't respawn, unless you split an existing one again.

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