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Hallowed Nights and a Krampus Sack full of trinkets

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Hello everyone, 

last week before the Hallowed Nights event ended, I made a little experiment. Thanks to the ANR and its ruins regen, I realized that I had many stacks of unneeded frazzled wires, which gave me an idea. I rushed a few ruins' clearing and collected enough of these trinkets to fill a whole krampus sack.

And I went and traded them all to the Pig King, all at once. During the Hallowed Nights. 

I wanted to test how (if) my computer can handle all the loot on the ground. I recorded (most of) the process and uploaded the video so you can watch how this worked out if you're interested:

I don't regret it. Neither the almost 15 minutes that it took to give all the trinkets, nor the next 2 hours it took to collect the loot... after all, it was pretty funny. 

Here are a few statistics (most of them can be seen at the end of the video, but I'll put them here for an easier access):


The time it took: 15 in-game days, around 2,5 real life hours.

I had 560 frazzled wires.

Gold: 2820 (most likely 2800 and I miscounted them in the video)

Candies: uhhh... much. Around 8,75 candy bags with full stacks, plus some more.

Hound attacks: 3 or 4, I don't remember exactely. The last one already in summer

As a summary, I think I'm pretty pleased. Neither the game nor my computer crashed and even I am still sane somehow. Don't know how. Though I really didn't expect it to be that long, even Maxwell would have got bored of that... (and I was bored during it too, but I carried on and succeeded! For science.)

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Heh. Those poor moles. They want all that gold SO BAD.

...also HEEEEYYY, Dusk and Night Music!  :D  I haven't yet run into many players who actually use that mod. (I mean, I know it's popular, I just haven't PERSONALLY met many players who use it. Lots of the time it's me commenting on how pretty the winter dusk music is...to people who e-look at me like a crazy woman. :P)


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